October 31, 2020
Special Guest Satum Siek Joins Me Today!

In November of 2015, Satum Siek, a resident of Keene, NH, and employed in housekeeping at the Keene Public Library, was informed that as a city employee she was required to receive a flu vaccine.

She did.

During the night she suffered agonizing pain in all of her muscles and broke out in a rash all over her body.

These symptoms subsided but three weeks came screaming back with a vengeance.

I'll let Satum tell her story, but, in short, she was finally diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called dermatomyositis - "dermo" for skin, "myo" for muscle.

She was very, very ill, and her doctor put her on disability.

Satum loved her job and was two years out from her full retirement.

She has been on medication since that time and still does not enjoy the robust health she once did.

She is now on SS Disability and does not enjoy the level of economic comfort she once did.

In addition to medication and continual, ongoing doctor visits and bloodwork, she is using nutritional supplements that have helped her greatly, but they cost money, too.

AND... she told me last week her doctor is strongly urging her to....


You might be thinking, though this is a sad story, how can we say for sure this was due to the flu vaccine?

Dermatomyositis is known to be both a response to the flu and to the flu vaccination.

"Influenza virus was previously reported to be associated with polymyositis[52] and dermatomyositis.[53] Cases of dermatomyositis have also been reported following influenza vaccines, raising the possibility that immune responses to antigens shared by the virus and vaccine could be implicated in the development of myositis.[54,55]."

Her symptoms ensued within 24 hours of receiving the vaccine.

Had Satum wanted to receive a flu shot and accept its risks, this would still be a tragic story, but she didn't.

She only did this in order to keep her job.

We are doing the same today and putting the population at great risk of vaccine injury. I'm not here to argue for or against getting a flu shot. If you want it, you should get it. I certainly won't. But I am here to argue that any medical procedure, medication, or therapy must be voluntary and only voluntary.

And people shouldn't have to decide between the shot and their jobs or their education.

What are we thinking?????

What are we doing???

You see, this is why it is very hard to believe that measures like this are all about concern for life and health. They are not. They are the advancement of a longstanding, powerful move to strip us of our most basic freedoms and enrich those who profit from them.

The leverage for the increasing in vaccine arm twisting is...


Why is Covid-19 the only health concern we seem to be paying any attention to?

It is NOT for "our safety!"

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Singapore temporarily halts use of two influenza vaccines after 48 die in South Korea
"However, South Korea said that it would carry on with the state-run vaccination program as they found no direct link between the deaths and the shots."

Information is Important!
"The vast majority of people recover from influenza without any complications and develop immunity to future infection with the same strain or a related influenza strain that may prevent illness symptoms or make illness less severe."
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