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Edison,  Theodore  Miller. 1898–1992.  “Ted.”

Theodore Miller Edison was an American

businessman, inventor and environmentalist

born July 10, 1898 at Glenmount, New Jersey.

He was the youngest child of inventor Thomas

Edison and Mina Miller Edison, and founder of

Calibron Industries, Inc.

Theodore was named after Mina's brother, Theodore Westwood Miller, who was killed in the Spanish-American War. He graduated from the Montclair Academy in 1916 and earned his physics degree from MIT (1919-1923). Theodore married Anna Maria Osterhout, a fellow MIT student, on April 25, 1925. They had no children. He worked for Thomas A. Edison, Inc. until 1931 and went on to establish Calibron Industries, Inc., an engineering consulting firm. In later years, Theodore became active in the environmental movement and was an early opponent of the Vietnam War.

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Remember that nothing that's any good works by itself.

- Thomas Alva Edison

Facts to know

The Phonograph was conceived on July 18, 1877 - 145 years ago.

True or False: Thomas Edison’s first teacher was his mother.

Last month's question: What year did Tom start selling newspapers & candy on the trains of the Grand Trunk Railroad?

Answer: 1859

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