October 3, 2020
"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food..."

I'm always so impressed by the change of seasons, aren't you?

So many things "happening" out there, most of which we really have no clue about, unless we have been involved in nature study as a vocation, interest, or hobby.

Most of us enjoy the coloring of the leaves, for example, without really thinking about how that happens. As I understand it, the color in the leaves is their natural state, but the sun via photosynthesis changes all that for the spring and summer.

And we love their green... don't get me wrong - that's the "thing" about seasons!

Now, due to shorter days, the slant of the sun, and photosynthesis no longer happening, but before they die and fall off the tree, the leaves briefly reveal their true brilliance to bless us all with their otherwise "hidden" beauty.

As a nutritionist, I am always fascinated with the change in the foods we eat as the seasons change. This adaptation in crops and their availability to us works very hard "behind the scenes" to keep us in good health. There is nutrition to be abundantly found in every season's offerings, but the foods that come from the earth with seasonal change offers nutrients in just the right focus to the health challenges we face during each season.

How does this translate into "fall foods?"

I'll be talking about that, and a few other things, too...

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Let's take a closer look ...
Top "autumn" foods...
"Summer is coming to an end, and unfortunately, so is the harvest of many favorite summer fruits and vegetables. Sure – almost all produce can be grown somewhere year-round, but the flavor and nutrient density of locally grown produce can’t be beat. Not to disappoint, the colorful splendor of autumn doesn’t just bring hayrides and Halloween. Fall also brings a fair share of delicious and health-promoting fruits and vegetables. Be sure to include these items on your shopping and meal planning lists this fall."
Wondrous pumpkin...
Wondrous apples...
Wondrous cranberries...
Not such a wondrous fall season event...
And getting more and more difficult to refuse, that is, if you want to keep your job, go to school... WRONG!... but what to do to help offset the negative health effects if you must make the choice to comply although it goes against your own good judgement?
From a client email:

"I’m still working at the hospital and while I would love to up and quit my job I’m not sure I can do that financially just yet, I need to get a flu vaccine soon (in two weeks). I was hoping you could offer some advice on how to mitigate the effects of the flu shot on my health. I tried to look into an exemption but no matter the routes I've tried I can’t escape it. I’m so against them and have considered leaving my job - a job that requires me no forced me to get a flu shot or get terminated. Anyway I would really love and need your help on anything I can do to help reduce the negative effects of the shot should I stay with my job."
My recommendation is - for an adult - a good multivitamin/mineral supplement such as Thorne Basic Nutrients 2/Day, S-Acetyl-l-Glutathione 300 -600 mg a day, Liposomal Vitamin C 1000-2000 mg a day.

Do this one week before, the day of, and one week following your vaccine(s).

Children's dose would be less but similar. If interested, please just give me a call.
Proactive Health Collective of Keene
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