FDRA boldly calls on President to STOP Tariff Collections on Footwear to Combat Rising Inflation

FDRA Letter to Kudlow_Payroll Tax Cut_3.10.png

Today, FDRA sent a letter to President Biden asking him to eliminate tariffs on shoes until the Fall to directly reduce the rising prices that are impacting working class families.

The letter, found here, comes ahead of the President's State of the Union address tonight, when bold policies are often proposed. With the state of world affairs and the supply chain in chaos, FDRA believes it is time for immediate action.

FDRA President & CEO Matt Priest explained in detail why this is needed:

"Our companies continue to pay higher input and supply chain costs, which are

passed along to consumers. The War in Ukraine may add even higher costs. The time is now to think and act boldly to help families and our economy."

"TARIFFS ARE ONE OF THE FEW THINGS THE GOVERNMENT CAN CONTROL, AND THE ADMINISTRATION SHOULD ACT WITH SPEED. We are asking President Biden to freeze all tariffs on shoes until the Fall to help alleviate record prices. Other policy options like stimulus spending may actually increase inflation, while proposals like price controls could cause greater long term harm. Tariff relief, however, would provide immediate and tangible benefits for hardworking American families during this difficult time."



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