When you work with Arizona Benefit Plans, you have access to exclusive offerings from your favorite carriers. Stand out by offering solutions your clients haven’t seen before. It’s just another way we are here to help you work smarter, not harder.
From dental and vision plans to income protection, get benefits that keep your employees going. View Unum's full range of product & service offerings below.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona has many group health insurance options for medium size businesses with 51 - 99 employees. Click on the links below to view the plan changes effective 4/1.
Allied National is utilizing a new process for underwriting groups with 20+ employees. This will allow agents to provide a firm rate faster – within two business days – by submitting only a census. 

Watch Allied Benefit Consultant Randy Wehner’s "Quick Tip of the Month" to learn how this new process works or download the PDF below,
Nova’s Level Funding solution combines the best elements of self-funding with the ease of a fully insured plan. By offering the predictability commonly found in fully insured plans with the customization found in self-funded plans, this unique solution provides control, flexibility, and savings, while avoiding some of the typical concerns of self-funding. Isn’t this what all level-funded plans bring to the table? What makes Nova’s solution unique is that it combines the power of our clinical programs with true transparency. Transparency that passes on 100% of the Rx rebate revenue and 100% of the claims surplus back to the employer. That is what makes the Nova solution different.