July is National Minority

Mental Health Awareness Month

Important, but NOT accessible or equitable for all.

From the Dept of Health & Human Services, Office of Health Equity:

Many people from racial and ethnic minority groups have difficulty getting mental health care. This can be due to many different reasons, such as cost or not having adequate health insurance coverage. It may also be challenging to find providers from one’s racial or ethnic group. Stigma or negative ideas about mental health care may also prevent people from seeking services.

Other things in our environment can impact mental health and emotional well-being. For example, experiencing or witnessing racial discrimination or racial violence can cause stress and racial trauma. Poverty (or having low income) may limit access to mental health care. Poverty can also cause stress and may lead to mental health issues.”

EmpathyHQ’s Mission is to provide life-changing mental health services to Texans with a focus on vulnerable populations. We are often asked - "what exactly is a 'vulnerable population'?" Vulnerable populations include patients who are racial or ethnic minorities, children, elderly, socioeconomically disadvantaged, underinsured or those with certain medical conditions. To make mental healthcare affordable and accessible for all, EmpathyHQ (1) Removes barriers to care by providing services on-site at schools, in local community centers, and at locations accessible via public transportation. (2) Seeks to expand grant-funded programs so those who are uninsured, underinsured, or unable to find care can receive services at a discounted rate or FREE.

Camp for Northside Youth

For the next TWO WEEKS, July 18th - 27th, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, Empathy HQ will provide lessons and activities alongside PSP Professional Services for their Color Me Creative Camp. Our agencies first became acquainted as members of the Mental Health Connection of Tarrant County, a consortium of organizations who seek to collaborate efforts to guide our community through trauma, towards resilience. There are only THREE spots remaining for children ages 9 - 11 years old with Cook Children's Medicaid, so call today @ 817-626-6401 to register.

Supporting Healing, Advocating for Change

Tuesday, July 11th, the Como Fort Worth Community came together for a "Stop Gun Violence Now Rally." This event was hosted by Mothers of Murdered Angels with support from United Way of Tarrant County's One Second Collaborative and a host of other organizations and mental health professionals. EmpathyHQ therapists were present to offer on-site grief counseling to community members after the gun violence on July 3rd, which took the lives of three individuals and injured eight more. In addition, EmpathyHQ along with a host of other providers, will be offering FREE ongoing counseling to those affected by this incident, in addition to these ongoing crisis options:

  • DIAL 9-8-8 (National Crisis Hotline)
  • TEXT "HOME" to 741741 
  • FACEBOOK MESSAGE: m.me/crisistextline
  • DIAL 9-1-1 (if feeling immediately at-risk or suicidal)
  • GO to your nearest ER

Board Member Spotlight: Roderick Miles, Jr.

Roderick is the Executive Administrator of Programs & Outreach for Precinct 1 under Tarrant County Commissioner Roy Charles Brooks. Roderick has extensive experience in developing, designing and implementing strategic plans for organizations and strategic partnerships to support community development programs. He has years of experience in corporate, nonprofit, public agency, and key elected official relationships. Roderick is already an active member of our Fort Worth community and has been working alongside multiple agencies to ensure that underserved communities receive appropriate intervention and care to break the cycles of trauma.

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