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A Message from the Founder and Director of SWEA: Kim Gaddy
"The environment has NO walls and we are all breathing the same air! Whether you live in the Dayton street neighborhood, the Weequahic or Clinton Hill section of the South Ward, pollution travels in the air and affects us all." - Kim Gaddy, Director, SWEA.
The South Ward neighborhood is disproportionately burdened with cumulative impacts of pollution impacting the health and quality of life of all residents. The South Ward is surrounded by the 2nd largest Port in the nation, the Newark Airport, route 1&9, 22, 78, New Jersey Turnpike, railyards, one superfund site, recycling facilities, Sims Metal, the largest metals recycling facility in the world, warehouses to name a few, We can't escape from the pollution, We live in a diesel death zone.
The good news is, there are solutions to reduce the environmental degradation we suffer from. The technology exists to establish Zero Emission Zones, Kids Clean Air Zones, Green Infrastructure projects, Solar farms and green spaces to create a sustainable community. In addition, preparing residents to be employed in the emerging green jobs economy will be prioritized. As we continue to fight for clean air to breathe, safe and affordable drinking water and healthy communities, we have a seat for you at the community table.
SWEA is rooted in the Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing adopted in 1996 by the Southeast Network for Environmental and Economic justice. The principles will guide us as we seek common understandings between residents from different cultures, politics and organizations. SWEA will Be Inclusive, Emphasize Bottom-Up Organizing, Let People speak for themselves, Work together in Solidarity and Mutuality, Build Just relationships among ourselves and Commitment to Self-Transformation to change from operating from individualism to community-centeredness.
We will lift and celebrate community victories in the Clinton Hill, Dayton Street and Weequahic neighborhoods that are fighting against the environmental injustices that impact our quality of life.Together we can create vibrant and toxic-free homes, schools and neighborhoods in the South Ward.
Let's go South Ward, Newark Strong!
Peace and Blessings.
Community Leaders Call on Port Authority to
Block Amazon Air Cargo Hub at Newark Airport 
SWEA supports N.J. Members of Congress
to call for transformational climate investments:
“The Build Back Better Act represents a once in a generation opportunity to address generations of environmental racism by investing in cities like Newark and addressing looming environmental threats, from climate change to lead pipes,” said Kim Gaddy, Founder and Director of the South Ward Environmental Alliance.
A note from Rutgers University - Newark to SWEA:
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This past April (2021), President Joe Biden made economic recovery and responding to the climate crisis, a key priorities. Biden hopes to roll out trillions of dollars in spending on infrastructure and green energy.
"No one can truly understand a disaster unless they have lived through it. We’re all living through COVID-19 now, but for many of us, this is only the latest disaster. President Joe Biden has made economic recovery and responding to the climate crisis key priorities and hopes to roll out trillions of dollars in spending on infrastructure and green energy." According to Maria Lopes, a Deputy Director for the ICC, the "coalition is prepared to work with elected officials at every level to help them realize this future and end the era of insider-driven politics in Trenton. Frontline communities have the solutions, they must lead the way not be on the margins. NJ THRIVES will bring the strength of our communities to the forefront through place-based wisdom of our partners."
"NJ THRIVES will bring the strength of our communities to the forefront through place-based wisdom of SWEA & others."
Who Are President Biden's Local Community's Partners?