April, 2024

To help identify learning opportunities and facilitate communication between kinesiologists and CKO, CKO launched a series of surveys regarding Practice Standards and Guidelines in March. The second survey of this series is related to the use of title and designations, another frequently arising topic in 2023. 

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Public Consultation on Practice Guideline – Patient/Client-Centred Care:

March 27 – May 25

CKO drafted a new Practice Guideline on Patient/Client-Centred Care to define “patient/client-centred care” and how it may apply in the context of kinesiology practice. The draft practice guideline was approved by Council for a 60-day public consultation from March 27 to May 25, 2024. CKO is seeking feedback from kinesiologists, our system partners, other healthcare professionals and the public.  

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2024 Council Election Call for Nomination: May 10 24

The nomination period for the 2024 Council Elections will run from May 10 to 24. If you are interested in gaining leadership and governance skills, expanding your network, contributing to public protection and advancing the kinesiology profession, this is your opportunity to put your name forward! An email notice about the nomination will be sent to eligible kinesiologists in May with detailed information. 

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Results of the first Practice Standards and Guidelines survey

In March, CKO launched the first Practice Standards and Guidelines survey on the Practice Guideline – Scope of Practice, Controlled Acts and Delegation. We received many responses from kinesiologists and are pleased to provide a report on the survey results.

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CKO launches the updated Core Competency Profile

The College is pleased to announce the release of the updated Kinesiologist Core Competency Profile: Entry-to-Practice Competencies (Core Competency Profile). The Core Competency Profile is a collection of validated statements that describe the performance required to demonstrate competency in the profession at the time of entering the profession. 

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CKO's 2023 CPMF is now available

As the regulator for kinesiology practice and kinesiologists in Ontario, CKO is required to submit the College Performance Measurement Framework (CPMF) to the Ministry of Health every year. The most recent submission, 2023 CPMF, provides information on what CKO has accomplished to act in the public interest from January to December 2023. 

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March 2024 Council meeting highlights

At the March Council meeting, Council made decisions on multiple items, including the new Practice Guideline Patient/Client-Centre Care, amendment to the Language Proficiency Policy, the updated Core Competency Profile, the 2023 CPMF, vendor for the website redesign project and more.

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