N E W S  T H E  H A W A I I  G O P  S T A T E  P A R T Y  W O N ' T  T E L L  Y O U
Republican National Committee (RNC)
Throws Hawaii GOP Under the Bus

Dear Conservative:

The Republican National Committee (RNC) informed the Hawaii GOP that the national GOP does not support the frivolous legal action initiated by Fritz Rohlfing against the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) and the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA).

Responding to HIRA, RNC General Counsel John Ryder made it clear:  " The RNC does not intend to bring any legal action against the Hawaii Republican Assembly."

Ryder adds:  " The HRP does not represent the RNC " and " counsel to the HRP does not make any representations regarding the RNC's legal rights."

This legal development is HIGHLY significant as Fritz Rohlfing has spent weeks pretending that the declining state party has legal rights to very specific and very different elephant logos owned by the RNC and the NFRA respectively.  

The Hawaii subsidiary of the Republican Party is now exposed to a costly counterclaim which could result in sizable damages paid to HIRA and court-ordered discovery of the party's questionable finances and revelations of unauthorized pilfering of party 'mortgage funds' .

With the RNC siding with HIRA against the Hawaii GOP , many longtime party donors are aghast at local party leaders for ignoring months of advice against the lawsuit by the RNC's lawyers ; a decision that's already led to the loss of donor dollars.

During a Hawaii GOP meeting two weeks ago at their Kapiolani Boulevard headquarters, it was revealed that even party leaders DON'T believe in their own frivolous case .

State party boss Miriam Hellreich confirmed that Rohlfing received legal advice from the RNC months ago and that the thought of suing HIRA should be jettisoned , as the video above confirms.  The major doubts about legal strategy expressed by RNC and by Hellreich, Pat Saiki, and Barbara Marumoto make you wonder why Rohlfing would steal the money and hire Mike Lilly's law firm to harass HIRA.

Rohlfing ignored legal advice, ignored party rules, and ignored the law when he took thousands of dollars   to pay Lilly with unauthorized funds .  Party leadership wasted thousands of dollars of your generous party donations so they could send HIRA a threatening letter .  They knew that suing HIRA was a bad idea --   yet they wasted donor monies on a frivolous lawsuit which will probably cost the party in damages and compensation for HIRA's legal fees .

Today's development confirms that the RNC did not grant consent for Rohlfing's legal action against the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA).

HIRA learned that a secret vote of the party's executive committee took place to approve AFTER THE FACT Rohlfing's unauthorized and illegal diversion of donor monies .  The secret vote was taken by the executive committee in the wake of HIRA's video exposing the theft of party funds.   The secret vote allows Lilly to keep and spend the diverted donor funds  without fear of being accused of the felony of retaining stolen property .

The local GOP's real issue is that HIRA is conservative and the Hawaii GOP has been run into the ground by liberals and squishy moderates .  Liberal Republicans don't like to be criticized for their support for Democrat policies, for their politically neutral platform, for their embrace of liberal politicians, and their mismanagement of the party.   The pro-abortion, high tax-loving, silent on gay marriage, neutral on rail liberals who run the HRP are being held accountable by HIRA.

In addition, party leaders are EXTREMELY concerned about HIRA's substantiated allegations of fraud and financial malfeasance by party leaders ; especially now that the evidence has been made public .

Here's more background :  The Hawaii GOP deliberately abandoned its elephant logo six years ago (in 2009) around the same time it deliberately abandoned taking positions on any issues in favor of a neutral party platform.  Why would an organization ditch the very logo that people know them by?   The political irrelevance that party leaders are feeling is of their own doing .  

HIRA is diligent to keep party members informed.  Hawaii Republicans are now waiting to hear the 'establishment spi'n on these monies which were illegally diverted from the Hawaii GOP's mission of unseating Democrats .


ROHLFING :  I think it's a shame to allow the party, the party's name, to be, uh, uh, to be, uh, confused with another entity that is diametrically opposed to us.

SAIKI :  Well I, if you don't mind, I pursued this with Sharron Angle, who is the chairman of the (National) Federation of Republican Assemblies at the national level.  At that time, I wrote her a letter complaining that the local chapter was using the name "Republican" and disparaging the local party.  She never responded.  But nevertheless, there is an entity called the National Republican Assembly.  So the branch here is called the Hawaii Republican Assembly.  In fact, our lawyers have got to look into this matter before charging them or asking for further descriptions.  Cause, to me, you know, I can't fathom that.  So, I was really surprised when this was pursued and, Mr. Chairman, I just wanted to clear the air because we're going to continue to pay, aren't we ($350 per hour)?

ROHLFING :  The, uh, the attorneys are aware of the National Federation.  They are aware of that.  As party chair, I have certain expression in these matters to protect and defend our name and, uh, I have gone forward to do that.  But there is no, uh, ongoing commitment . . . we can, we can decide how we want to settle this matter.  I think the possibilities for settlement are good.  And that would be my first goal as it is every time I've been in a dispute.  Uh, my first goal is to try to settle out of court so that the expenses can be capped.

HELLREICH :  I don't know what kind of settlement you're looking at.  But I talked with, in fact, several months ago, you talked to the RNC about the logo and I remembered you hearing the comments at that time of our regional political director saying the (HIRA/NFRA elephant) logo would be very, very difficult to challenge because an elephant looks like many different things.  You can change the ear, make the ear stand up or put down or whatever, it's a different logo.  So it's a very difficult thing to exploit.

MARUMOTO :  Mr. Chair.  When I said, you know, I would oppose any lawsuit because it's too slow, it's too cumbersome.  Uh, you know, it's not fighting HIRA now, here and now.  And with the free resources we have with press releases and social media and, uh, and press conferences and, uh, speeches.  And I'd rather we fight, you know, and, uh, stand up for our name directly rather than pursue a long, expensive lawsuit.  It just, it just gonna take long time . . . months.  And it's all behind the scenes.  And meanwhile we get slandered, um, constantly.

ROHLFING :  I think that says either you've got to do something or just let it go.

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