Parents, do what's right for your own children
If you know me, then you know that I take children’s health and fitness very seriously, and there is a CLEAR submission and “cancel-culture” of evidence which links symptoms of masking and vaccinating our kids. I do not hear enough parents, politicians, or news channels reporting on these stories, and that’s very suspicious & concerning to me. No drug ought to be mandated to be given to our children, ages 5-11, without years upon years of research and testing, and masks should not be worn all day, especially during exercise.  
I’ve worked with kids from 2003 – 2020 as a strength & conditioning coach, and PE teacher here in Hillsboro. During that time, my first goal was to make sure the kids stayed safe while in my care. There is NO way I would ever advocate children wearing a mask during physical activity, and let me tell you why.
Kids do not expel heat the same way adults do since their internal systems are not fully developed, especially young children. This is why they don’t sweat as much as adults, and typically why they are always thirsty and need frequent water breaks. One way they expel heat and moisture is through exhaling. Masks ALWAYS inhibit inhalation and exhalation, differently only by degree, based on the mask type, age of the wearer, and strength of their cardiovascular system. Children and young teenagers simply don’t have the cardiovascular respiratory strength to inhale and exhale hard enough to expel enough heat and moisture to keep them from overheating, while providing adequate O2 to the brain and organs. No where in my research have I ever came across a study advocating the efficacy and safety of conditioning for youth athletes with masks over their face and nose. This is why you may have seen some children collapse on the playing field while exercising.
(*Some you may have seen athletes use oxygen restricting masks during training. There has been NO, absolutely ZERO empirical evidence suggesting any efficacy to these masks. Did I use one years ago to try it out? Yes, I even wore it as an added challenge for ‘Murph,’ but I also have a lifetime of training my cardiovascular system. 
Apparently politicians and school administrators believe it’s a good idea though, and they’re following a science I have not ever come across.
Mask mandates like this need to be stopped immediately for children of all ages, in all grade levels, in all PE classes. Children should NOT wear masks while participating in any type of physical exertion.
No one should make this decision for you, and it should ONLY be up to you, the parent to make that decision for your child. I can only share my experience and education and help you make an informed decision. All medicines come with risk, but this is myocarditis and pericarditis in our kids we are taking about here.
Do your own research about symptoms of myocarditis, pericarditis, and blood clotting in teens. Call your school board members, State Senators, State Representatives, and ask them if they are aware of these conditions in teens and what they are going to do about it.

"Children And Teens Gained Weight At An Alarming Rate During The Pandemic, The CDC Says"
Finally, as a parent we have to lead our children by example. One thing I’ve been thinking of is defining a healthy body fat percentage for men and women. During my career, nearly every adult has asked me what a healthy body fat percentage should be. Most professionals agree that body fat percentage varies with age and gender (generally a little higher in women, and a little higher as we get older). Typically, 20-30% for men and 25-35% for women is recommended. That doesn’t help anything though.
Specifically, I’ll define what I believe body fat should be today for adults to maintain a healthy immune system, improve lifespan and play-span:
Men ages 18 and older: No greater than 25%
Non-pregnant women, ages 18 and older: No greater than 30%
Teenagers: Very difficult to define as they are still growing, and BODY MASS INDEX may be a better metric. BMI means they should be a specific weight for their height. No greater than 22.
In today’s pandemic world, it is not okay to be obese, and obesity is the undisputed, unified, #1, global health crisis. I’ll always be an advocate for people’s freedom to choose fast food, 900 calorie coffees, vaping, giant margaritas, doughnuts, and buffets. But, children with obese parents have a 700% likelihood of being obese themselves, and obesity can lead to high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type II diabetes, organ inflammation, compromised immune system, airway/respiratory restriction….all the co-morbidities we’re seeing in the ER.
Make good choices,
Coach Chuck