December 31, 2020
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As 2021 is less than one day away, I am reflecting on the past year.
2020 was definitely “one for the books.”
I have learned, both professionally and personally, that with good there is usually bad and with bad there is usually good. I guess that is how the term “Yin and Yang” came about.
The past nine months have been a roller coaster that none of us asked to ride.
The Yin: When the pandemic first hit and the state shut down, I don’t think anyone was prepared for how drastic every aspect of our lives would change. There’s no map to navigate such an unprecedented time, and for most of us, this is something that we have never experienced. The unknown was and still is very scary. Many of us were directly or indirectly impacted from this pandemic on different levels. Empathy was never more important, as none of us knew what the person on the other side of the phone or Zoom call was going through.
I am a protector by nature – whether it’s family, employees, customers or colleagues, I always want to make sure that everyone in my circle is OK. With COVID, I lost a lot of my ability to do that - and it really put things into perspective. 
The Yang: This year I was able to spend a little more time on myself and with a very tight-knit group of family. Personal growth and setting priorities for Regal Restoration were the focus in 2020, so that the future years would be a bit more strategic and intentional. I am looking forward to a little more normalcy where we can all be in the same room comfortably with hand shaking, hugging and cheek kisses! My mother always says, “better days are coming,” and I believe that is in our not-so-distant future! We must all keep the faith.
I am going to stay consistent with my 2021 New Year’s message this year. I want to wish everyone Health, Happiness, Prosperity and Growth. The only added wish this year is Safety.
Safety is not a typical wish, as many of us took it for granted. This year, it has become paramount. We have all learned that intentionally being safe can mean the difference of health; not only for ourselves, but those closest to us - both family and friends. 
As we wind down this whirlwind of a year, I am especially grateful for what really matters most – our strong relationships, our communities, our colleagues, our loved ones.
On behalf of the team at Regal Restoration, I want to wish each and every one of our valued partners and friends a Happy New Year! 
May 2021 be filled with health, light and the promise of human connection!
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