The Grace Space

the e-newsletter of Enough Grace Ministries


Dear faith family,

Once again, we are overcome with the Lord's goodness! 2022 has been the most amazing year of ministry! God has met our needs, guided our steps, and shown Himself to be wonderful in every way. We have seen Him save the lost and draw the saved into a sweeter walk with Himself. To Him be all the glory!

YOU, dear friend, are a huge part of this ministry! We thank God for you. You are so faithful to love, support, and pray for this ministry, and we ask God to pour His blessings upon you and yours.

As you enjoy The Grace Space, won't you join us in thanking God for His faithfulness? With much love,

The Unfeigned Faith Intercessory Weekend was powerful! Allen Cove Farm was the perfect "spot" for our intimate group of mommas to gather for Bible study & prayer (and a super-fun hayride through the mountains).

Praise the Lord for being the great redeemer of loss and regret! Mother's Day gatherings have become a familiar part of the Enough Grace Ministries calendar. Jesus did it all! Pic: Candise & her mom at Point Pleasant Baptist's lovely brunch

Enough Grace Ministries LOVES summer camp!

The Hunt Like a Girl weekend is always a highlight. We had three sessions in God's Word this year. These gals love the BIBLE, JESUS, and EACH OTHER.

Let us be reminded of our identity in Christ!

I Peter 2:9

GOD is doing a very special work in our weekly, Community-wide High School Bible Study! It is so very humbling to watch God transform lives through HIS Word and the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Some outstanding students meet each Monday afternoon at the Covenant Ranch to cheer each other on in the faith (Hebrews 10:23-25). They serve. They pray. They love.

(Pics below: grocery collection for Mayfield tornado victims; prayer time for graduates; joint worship.)

Note: all 9-12th graders are invited. There is a session for guys too!

Same time (3:45pm). Same place.


Promptly after the December 11th Mayfield tornado, God birthed in the heart of EGM a desire to bless victims with furniture. On July 9th, a 53' tractor-trailer FULL of brand-new, top quality furniture was distributed to needing families. We are in awe of God's provision and the generosity of the EGM family!

We thank the Lord for what HE did among us at the New Vision Ladies' Retreat. The daughters of God gathered around His Word and were reminded that "the whole earth is full of His glory" (Is. 6:3). Also, it was very humbling to experience God alongside long-time friends at Manderley Student Camp, a new ministry to EGM.

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