Being Jewish, we don’t really do Christmas of course. But my Mom’s catholic, so growing up we respected both religions—and would have a sparkly tree alongside our menorah.

And one year I distinctly remember making a gingerbread house… 

I cut out the biscuit walls and sandwiched them together with icing. Stuck chocolate buttons on the roof for tiles. And put tea lights inside for a beautiful warm glow. 

Now, I’m not the most naturally artistic person (I’ve told you how stress-inducing Jesse’s dancing days were, with all that glitter and makeup) but it looked kinda cute, and it shone like a beacon.

Plus, however shaky it was to put together, that house stood proud and strong—and the feeling of putting my mind to something and accomplishing it, gave me enormous satisfaction...

(What do you mean I never baked that?! Of course it looked that perfect!) 😉

So, why am I going on about gingerbread houses when you’ve got so much holiday prep on your plate? 

Because as the year draws to a close, no doubt you start getting that itchy feeling: what you ‘should’ have accomplished this year, and what you ‘hope’ to achieve next… 

And in fact, setting goals is a lot like baking and building a gingerbread house.


Because let’s face it, it’s easy to fall back into the same old traditions or habits each year—and then wonder why by February all your goals have gone out the window. 

BUT — 

The truth is, just like baking any cake, there’s a science to setting goals effectively. And even when you start off with shaky foundations, if you follow the recipe, you will be successful. 

And that’s why the fabulous Lucie Q (of the Rollercoaster of Midlife podcast) and I recorded not one, but 4 (yes, 4!) live workshops to help you step into goal setting with a little more ease and confidence this year…

* Now, I’m not suggesting you prioritize this right now, in the midst of Christmas craziness! What I am suggesting is that you carve out the time and add these recordings to your calendar (maybe in that glorious week between Christmas and New Year when every day rolls into one) so you have the relief of knowing it will be done, and you can look forward to some quiet ‘me’ time. 

So, here’s our 4-Part Recipe for Goal Setting Success.

Ready? Let’s go…

1.Map Out Your Aspirations & Craft Your Vision

Just like any baking project, you need a shopping list. But this one’s a little different. What do you want to achieve? And what ingredients will you need to get there? 

Watch this: Why Motivation Doesn’t Work (Do This Instead)

Download this: Values Assessment 

You will learn:

  • Why motivation is B.S. and what really throws fuel on the fire of getting sh*t done.
  • The secret to uncovering your ‘why’—and why this is so important 
  • How to get back on the wagon when you fall off (and you will)

Or as Lucie puts it, this is ALL about what to do if you think, ‘Well, shit I didn’t live the life I wanted last year’ — and you want to own 2024.

2.Lay Your Foundations And Set Effective Goals

It’s time to get out your mixing bowl and get to work! Part 2 is about how to mitigate those winter blues, and build in sustainable success.  

Watch this: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself in Midlife

Download this: The Wheel of Life

You will uncover:

  • What you might live to regret if you stay on the path you’re on now.
  • How fulfilling are your relationships… really?
  • How to recognize when you’re at your happiest, best self.

PLUS, the bonus question that will reveal what you really want in the future (and it’s probably not what you think). 

3.Why Goals Fail (And Why They Crash and Burn)

Part 3 is all about the science behind WHY our goals fail, and HOW to build up walls that won’t crash and burn (again). 

Watch this: Why Your Goals Fail

You will learn:


  • The difference between extrinsic and intrinsic goals, and why this is essential to know.
  • The 3 A’s of Achieving Aspirational Goals.
  • How to show up and align your beliefs with what you want from life.

4.Put A Roof On Your House (And Dodge The Curveballs) 

Let’s face it, we all have things in life that are going to derail us. That’s why this last part is all about building in layers of support, and putting a strong sturdy roof on your house that can withstand the curveballs. 

In other words, when life gets shaky (and it will) you have tools and techniques to keep your goals on track…

Watch this: The Secret Enemy Of Your Goals (How To Make Sure You Don’t Get Derailed in 2024)

You will learn 3 different techniques that will help you:

  • Feel accomplished whatever life throws at you
  • Set realistic goals, and stop feeling constantly behind  
  • Get sh*t done whatever struggle you face

One final word…

Growing, learning, setting goals and moving through life accomplishing new things, takes work. 

It takes courage to break patterns of behavior that no longer serve us, and build in new habits that take us where we need to go.

That’s why we’re not building a house of cards here…

And nor are we the 3 little pigs—young and naive, waiting for a wolf to come and blow down our dreams and aspirations. 

Instead, we’re going to honor our experience, and our wisdom. And just like that gingerbread house, we’ll stand proud and strong. We’ll shine like a beacon — and know how to move through next year with enormous satisfaction.



P.S. TL;DR? In a nutshell, here are the steps you need to take next… 

1.Bookmark this email so you have something to refer back to.

2.Carve out time in your diary to watch each live. Whether it's December or January, I don’t mind. The only way to make sure you do it is to set aside the time. DO IT NOW. ;)

3.Download these exercises: 

Values Assessment 

Wheel of Life

4.Watch each live. Your links are below:

Week 1: Motivation Doesn’t Work! (Do This Instead.)

Week 2: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself in Midlife

Week 3: Why Goals Fail, Why They Crash and Burn.

Week 4: The Secret Enemy of Your Goals (And How To Make Sure You Don’t Get Derailed in 2024) 

5.Hit reply and let me know how you get on! What was your number 1 takeaway? I read every email and I’d love to know.

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