October 13th, 2021
“One learns from books and example only that certain things can be done. Actual learning requires that you do those things.” 

– Frank Herbert
Last week, I arrived at daycare to collect 2 smalls: a three year old and a seven year old who enjoyed a day off of school with her favorite babysitter. My arrival typically signals the end of whatever activity my child is involved with. Ellie, the seven year old, was drawing. She got up from the table, shoulders slumped, and made her way over to me with quiet tears in her eyes. When asked, "What's wrong?", she burst with emotion exclaiming, "I can't draw very good".
Honestly, it was hard for me not to laugh. Instead, I picked up her chin and told her I thought the picture was great. I also reminded her that drawing and art take practice, and if she continues to draw, she will get better. I think about lots of conversations I've had with my kids regarding personal expectations. Like riding bikes, or skateboarding, or whistling, or blowing bubbles with gum, or making pancakes, or tying shoe laces...there is an unrealistic mindset that these tasks should be easily and immediately mastered.

Perhaps this comes with watching a skewed version of reality with online videos. Kids making the 3-pointer, popping wheelies like professionals, and nailing everything. If only they could see the out-take reel. Kids also find themselves standing amongst adults who make daily tasks appear simple. As adults, we know that learned skills come with time and effort and practice.
We know this, but sometimes we forget that kids don't know what they don't know. Common knowledge isn't so common to them.

So I have to pause and ask, as adults are we much different? Do we get defeated when we don't see immediate success or the results we'd hoped for? Do we immerse ourselves in a skewed version of reality with online platforms? Do we give up because we just don't know what we just don't know?

Whatever you want to be good at or dream about, takes practice. And if you spend the time learning and growing, you will get there. There may even be tears along the way. But just like with my own, pick that chin up and hear me say, "You're doing great".

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