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Happy Summer!

We are so Excited for the beginning of the Summer Season and delighted to create this FUN Urban Pooch Summer Gift Guide to share with you! Our Loving Experts here at Urban Pooch have picked out these FUN Summer Gifts for your Pooch. We Love on thousands of pooches every year, so we know what makes tails wag and butts wiggle.

It’s easy to shop with Urban Pooch. You can explore the FUN at 4501 N Ravenswood Avenue, Shop online for one (or more!) of these Summer Faves using the Buttons below and choose pick-up or delivery (see details for delivery). You can also visit for all your Pooch retail needs. A selection of some items are also available at 5400 N Damen Avenue.

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Danny the Dolphin

Fluff & Tuff is one of our toughest lines of toys, but you wouldn't guess it based on how soft and fluffy they are. Get ready for some summer fun with their newest toy, Danny the Dolphin.

A clever little porpoise with a purpose, Danny Dolphin is always ready to dive in and play for many Summer Adventures!


Bowser-Beer-Summer Guide.png

Bowser Dog Beer

Now your best canine bud can join in for a porch beer after a long day at work! Bowser Beer is a meaty, brothy liquid treat that dogs flip for! Specially formulated for dogs, with human-grade USDA meat, high in Vitamin B from malt barley for shiny coats, and with added glucosamine for joint health. No added salt or fat, no alcohol, or hops.


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Mount Ara CBD Biscuits

Mount Ara is a company built on the philosophy that our pets should enjoy living a healthy life. Prep for a Chicago summer full of fireworks with Mount Ara's CBD biscuit treats. These biscuits have at least 5mg of full-spectrum CBD in each piece and can help your pup spend 4th of July with less anxiety!


WorthyDogToys-Summer Guide.png

Worthy Dog Summer Toys

It’s time for a pool party!!! The Worthy Dog's tough toys are made with high-quality durable materials that will stand up to both rough play and determined chewers for tons of vigorous fun. These bright new summer toys from Worthy Dogs will make you and your pup feel like you are on a tropical vacation.


BocceCatTreats-Summer Guide.png

Bocce's Bakery Cat Treats

Show your love and treat your kitty to a fancy night in with these new treats from Bocce's Bakery. Order some sushi for yourself and then give your feline friend Sushi Sushi Soft and Chewy or Fishy Fishy.

Baked with tasty USA salmon and delicious seaweed or USA trout and nutritious carrots, these bite-sized treats are just 1 calorie per bite. Your furry friend will be purring for more.


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LikiMats-Summer Guide.png

LickiMat + CBD Spreads

LickiMats are one of our number one recommendations for all pet parents. They help calm and soothe your pet as they enjoy their favorite treat by helping release endorphins through the promotion of licking. Pair this with some Super Snouts CBD peanut butter our Mount Ara CBD Spread for a calm pup during those summer storms, fireworks, or a long road trip to your favorite destination!


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Summer Drinking Bowls  

Get ready for those summer hikes and long lakefront walks with these BRB water bottle attachments or Messy Mutts collapsible water bowls. The BRB water bottle attachments are cool & compatible with most reusable water bottles so you and your Pooch can enjoy the great outdoors together.  Stay hydrated this summer!


Worthy-Collars-Leashes-Summer Guide.png

Summer Collars & Leashes

After all that winter snow, salt, & slush it's probably time for a new collar and leash set! These new designs from Worthy Dog are full of summertime whimsy and FUN.

Get ready to spend the whole season in style and impress all of the neighborhood dogs on your next walk! Be the talk of the block.


IceBandCooling-Summer Guide.png

Ice Band Cooling Bandanas

Comfortable & light, this antimicrobial Cooling Bandana comes damp & ready to go, in its own resealable pouch - to reactivate, simply wet and wring for reuse - NO freezer or ice needed! Perfect for a long day of playing in the sun. Take your dog to a beach day, a hike at Starved Rock, or a backyard BBQ with no fear of overheating.


Chuck-ItAmphibious-Summer Guide.png

Chuck-It Amphibious Toys

We cannot tell you how many dog balls and toys we have lost to the waters of Lake Michigan. This Summer pick up some Chuck-It Amphibious toys for the beach or the pool! Play fetch with your Pooch and never lose a toy to the Great Lakes again! Shout out to our favorite - Montrose Dog Beach! A Happy Place for you and your dog!


West Paw SAILZ-Summer Guide.png

West Paw Seaflex Sailz

Never lose another toy to the watery depths again! As an added incentive every West Paw Seaflex toy is made with recycled ocean bound plastic. Saving our planet one floating toy at a time! 

Feel good about saving our planet with these durable and long-lasting toys! Each toy has unique color variations too.


Injoya SnuffleMats-Summer Guide.png

Injoya Snuffle Mats  

Injoya Snuffle Mats are the ultimate boredom buster for your active Pooch! These toys & mats are delightful brain games that awaken your dog's instinct to forage and explore the world with their noses , providing motivation + promoting a healthy lifestyle we all wish to give to our pets! The Take-Out toy is our personal favorite!


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NEW Gently Cooked

Fresh Food

  • Gently Cooked Sous-Vide to Deliver Exceptional Food Flavor & Retain Nutrients

  • 100% Human Grade Food made in Austin, TX in a USDA Facility

FREE SAMPLE - Stop in and ask us for a brochure and FREE Sample! Try it and tell us what you think. We LOVE this NEW Gently Cooked Food! Exclusively @ 4501 N Ravenswood.



  • Comes Frozen - You Thaw overnight - Keep in Fridge for up to 7 days

  • 72% More Protein than other Fresh Dog Foods

  • 3 and 7 lb. packages include multiple vacuum packed meals. 

$29.97 - $59.99

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