No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing - Julia Child

In Preschool Three, we love to cook. Whether it is the birthday cakes that we lovingly create for our classmates and teachers, or the snacks that we prepare for a special treat, cooking is an activity that is always met with enthusiasm.

There are so many way that cooking benefits our preschool friends. It encourages working together and taking turns. Cooking provides an endless amount of opportunities for touching, smelling, and tasting new smells and flavors. It allows preschoolers the opportunity to experiment with measuring, counting, and one to one correspondence. Children are free to predict, explore, ask questions, and make observations while cooking. Learning new vocabulary is an added bonus while doing a cooking activity with the class.
Recently, in Preschool Three, we decided to do two different cooking activities. Both of the cooking activities were a result of books that we read in group time. The first book was titled “Cake For Me." The book was about friends baking a cake together. After reading the story a few times, one of the children asked if we could make the polka dot cake like in the story. The answer was yes, and immediately we had to problem solve as a group. In the story, the ingredient that makes the cake polka dotted are chocolate chips. We, as a group, brainstormed about what other food could make a cake polka dotted. After talking, and thinking, together we came up with raisins. The children seemed very proud of our ability to work as a group to find a polka dotted solution.

Our second cooking activity was brought on by the book “Pizza Party." It was because of this story that we decided to have a pizza party of our own. We measured the flour, added the yeast, waited for the dough to “grow.” We then used our super strong finger muscles to press our dough in the pan. We added sauce and cheese. Baked it in the oven, and a beautiful pizza was ours for snack. Delicious!

Cooking is interactive. It gives the children an opportunity to work together while creating something that is a product of their own work. Cooking is always a big hit in Preschool Three.