Lately in Infant one, we have been spending a lot of our time doing different activities related to math. At such a young age, it is amazing to see how much the children learn every day.

One of our favorite activities is using the shape sorters. The children can practice learning about different shapes such as triangles, squares, circles, stars etc. Not only are they learning about the shapes, but they are also learning about directional concepts such as in and out.

Connecting toys are a great way to practice counting with the children as well. Often times they enjoy connecting the toys together while the teacher counts out loud for them. The other day, we used the connecting toys to fill up cups and the children counted out the number with the teachers. This activity was great for the younger children as well. They would start filling up the cup and then ask for more, practicing the concepts of more, empty or all gone, and full.

In another activity, the children were using stackers. This kind of activity helps to introduce numbers while counting and different sizes and heights. The children begin to learn about bigger and smaller while comparing the stackers. They also are learning about the concept of taller and shorter while building the stackers up high and then knocking them down.

At a very young age, children are constantly learning and practicing different concepts of mathematics every day. These types of activities are a fun way to incorporate math skills into their daily routine.