Recently in Preschool One, many students conveyed their interest in all things outer space related. Some were interested in the planets in the solar system, while others enjoyed more activities geared towards astronauts and space shuttles. In any case, it was seen as a great opportunity to take full advantage of another learning experience and really get involved with any idea that sparked from this common interest. The idea began with space plates, napkins and table settings for the kids to enjoy lunch and snacks in the stars. 

As time went on, more activities came about. When it came to sensory ideas, we went in multiple directions. First, the sensory table transformed into a solar system wonderland, which included the use of black and neon colored gravel, various star shapes and miniature planets. We also included a few pictures of various planets so the children were able to see real life photos of the miniature planets they were enjoying so much. This then progressed into “Space Dough” which the kids created with assistance from teachers. They added black coloring as well as glitter, to really make the dough look like the sky in outer space. Once the creation portion was finished, adding astronauts and space shuttles into the idea was an absolute must. The sensory exploration continued with other concepts including moon sand, and the use of model magic with rockets to create their very own planets. Adding to the theme, we explored other less sensory-related activities.  One idea that we used was a chain link counting activity, where children were encouraged to create a link to mimic the idea of an oxygen tank that attached to the astronauts and their respective shuttles. Some other activities included; moon and crater painting, planet creation with foam paint, alien and rocket play, among many others. The children were very interested in the concept, and every activity that came with it!