Children love to be messy and participate in messy activities. Our new playground has the best solution for that: our mud kitchen! The mud kitchen offers a large dirt box for the children to dig with trucks, rakes, and shovels. Infants, toddlers, and preschoolers love to dig and transfer the dirt around the area.

The mud kitchen has taught our younger and older toddler children independence and turn taking. They have learned a routine when we go outside and will take their shoes off and put their boots or water shoes on independently. There are many trucks and shovels in the dirt box and this naturally limits the number of children in the area. The children have learned to use patience while waiting for turns with their favorite truck or waiting for that specific shovel they’ve had their eye on.

The mud kitchen also offers our students a child centered and child focused experience on the playground. Within the mud kitchen, the children can use water from the water table and mix it with the dirt using pots, pans, and mixing spoons. The children put their minds and imaginations to work when exploring the mud kitchen. It engages the children to talk to their peers and teachers about what they are doing and allows them to answer open ended questions with their teachers. The water tables gain attention as well. The children love to use the water toys and pour water and watch the different moving gears spin as the water rushes down. 

So just remember, when your child is wet, muddy, and smiling at the end of the day, just know that they were enjoying a messy, fun learning experience!