UCDC has a uniquely compassionate method of helping children transition to a new classroom. This process creates a minimally stressful transition. As in everything we do, the child’s well-being is paramount.

The process begins before children ever see their new classroom. Each teacher from the new classroom visit them in their current classroom. In a familiar space, it is fun for the child to get a visit from a friendly person! After several visits in their own territory, the children are then ready to venture to the new classroom.

On day one, the child's current teacher takes the child to their new classroom. The same teacher will complete the entire process. The teacher stays in the classroom with them, providing a safe “base” from which to explore. The second day is similar, except the teacher will leave to briefly observe from the booth. The teacher tells the child she is leaving, and will come back. She observes, noting whether they seem comfortable. This allows the child to seek out their new teacher if they are uncomfortable. The bond that began during the previous week’s visits strengthens.

The third day, the teacher takes the child to their new classroom and helps them settle in before saying goodbye. The child plays in the new classroom and returns to their old classroom for lunch. On day four, the child is usually excited! They are told what to expect; they will play, eat lunch, then come back to their old classroom for nap. On day five, parents still drop the child off in their old classroom, where their teacher tells them they will take them to their new room and they get to stay all day in their new classroom. The child will pack their belongings and "move in" to their new classroom. Parents will pick them up in the new classroom! The process is complete!