At present, we have a wide variety of ages in the Infant Three classroom. One activity that is appreciated by almost all the children is block play. At UCDC, our philosophy is reflective of the principle that children learn through play. Block play is an excellent “teacher” for children of all ages, from our babies just learning to sit with a teacher’s help up through our very busy toddlers!

What are some concepts that blocks can teach us? For infants and toddlers, blocks help us with our motor development as we try to stack them or reach out to knock over towers. They offer the chance for problem solving as children try to figure out how to balance sides of the construction to ensure success. They are wonderful for mathematics as we count them out, and when given other items to use with blocks (ex. cars to drive under block arches) imagination becomes ignited! Working together is practiced when there is block play. Infants come together, with a teacher’s guidance, to learn the concepts of “taking turns” and “waiting,” (two things that can be difficult for young toddlers), and to share in the ultimate joy when the tower comes tumbling down! In Infant Three, we use blocks to also teach shapes, colors and to discern sounds made by different materials. At all ages, block play is a powerful teaching tool.

When shopping for an educational toy, consider building your “block library!” Your child’s brain will thank you!