In Preschool Three, some children were showing interest in drawing specific things: mainly animals and people. The students were asking for help so we encouraged them to think about the object in terms of shape. For example, we questioned, “What shape is a head? Body? Arms? Legs?” We began to identify the shapes that make up the object they were trying to depict.

With this in mind, teachers placed cardboard shapes on the art table one morning. Along with the shapes were scissors, tape and eye stickers. Without instruction, the children began creating with the items. Some creations were abstract while others were more concrete, such as people. Some students created multiple pieces that morning.

In the following days, they requested more shapes, tape, and eyes. As they continued to create, their pieces became more imaginative. Students added party hats to the heads of people, one child even made a “guitar house.” We began taping their creations to the walls inside our classroom and eventually had a display in the hall.

Very recently, their interest has transitioned into adding shapes and tape to stuffed animals. Now they are making “super hero” animals by taping a piece of paper to the animals’ backs. Other creations that have emerged include an “armor bear” and a favorite stuffed dog who has transformed into a “Doo Doo Dragon.” As the ideas are ever evolving, we are excited to see the future imaginative works of the Preschool Three artists and innovators.