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Excellent Values & Intelligent Strategies Promoting a Vibrant Local Economy

Justin Somma, Manager, Hannah Grimes Marketplace

Justin Somma is the Manager of the Hannah Grimes Marketplace in Keene, NH. He's spent a career in small business, championing local products and growing resilient communities in both the private sector and non-profit worlds. After cutting his teeth in small business as the owner of a hardware store in a small ski town, he moved to Keene and was part of the founding management team of the Monadnock Food Co-op, was one of the founders of Gathering Waters Charter School, and currently serves on the board of the Keene Public Library in addition to his work at the Marketplace.

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Hannah Grimes Marketplace - Our Mission

To inspire the growth of healthy communities by connecting people with a market for creativity and a successful model of economic development.

To educate others about the buy-local movement and offer exceptional customer service, while leading the way for socially-conscious businesses.

To foster an environment that helps small business people thrive, preserves our rural culture, and promotes a healthy work/life balance for our employees, who are at the core of what we do.

“Someone once told me that when you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance.”ANONYMOUS

Some Highlights at Hannah Grimes Marketplace

50 Bob Yantiss Creations

Howling Wolf Wooden Mandala - Bob Yantiss

And...featured artisan for February 2023, is a wood worker in the marketplace who brings in his etched wooden art pieces, including his depictions of nature and this Howling Wolf Wooden Mandala etching. These fine art etchings are one of a kind and sold in HGM. This is one of his most detailed pieces and includes a howling wolf motif inside the body of a wolf.

Hannah Grimes Gift Baskets

The marketplace offers gift baskets in numerous styles, themes, and price ranges. Stop by the store or give us a call to create your own gift basket, or we can put it together for you! We work with many local businesses to create personalized gift baskets full of local wares.

Our most popular themes are A Taste of New EnglandBath & Body, Local Maple & HoneyNew Hampshire Souvenirs, and our Shop Local basket! We also carry a Dog Lover'sCat Lover's, a kid's Easter Basket, and a Baker's Basket, perfect for gift-giving! We have options for traditional basket kits from World Market, as well as deluxe gift sets with hand-woven baskets from Genovese Woodworking and Baskets.


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