TERM LIMITS: A Necessary Component of Florida's Political Landscape

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The Lake County Property Appraiser is paid $173,679 annually, plus benefits and a lucrative pension.

Everyone elected to a Constitutional Officer position wants the gravy train to continue for life. Local elected officials’ dogged defense and protection of their jobs is the root cause of corruption in Florida politics.

Florida must require term limits for all elected officials!


The blogosphere is buzzing this week with the news that long-term political allies, Lake County Tax Collector David Jordan (David) and Lake County Property Appraiser Carey Baker (Carey) are at odds.

David maliciously deceived and ultimately betrayed his long-time friend and colleague Carey by coaching his novice and unqualified brother, Mark Jordan (Mark) as to how Mark could, as a matter of practicality, steal the Lake County Property Appraiser job from Carey.

David knew that Carey would be at the Lake County Supervisor of Elections’ office at 11:45 AM on Friday, June 14, with the intention to run for re-election to the job he has been doing since the year 2012 as a Write-In candidate, as opposed to a Republican candidate, in order to save his donors approximately $10,000.

David knew that if he and his brother Mark could successfully wait until Carey withdrew his candidacy as a Republican candidate and until Carey refiled as a Write-In candidate, the Jordan brothers could deviously file Mark as a Republican challenger to Carey, effectively stripping the most popular politician in Lake County of his competitiveness.

The scheme does not appear to be illegal but, it most certainly is an indictment against the character of both David and Mark. We teach our children that “Fair Play” is a fundamental component of good character. David, Mark, and other complicit political operatives do not respect that teaching.

This parable demonstrates the ugliness of politics and illuminates politicians’ willingness to betray their friends and voters, stripping voters of their right to compare and contrast the candidates running for public office through manipulation of election laws and rules.

If there were term limits on Constitutional Officers, Carey Baker would be termed out of office and there would be multiple qualified candidates running to replace Carey in this lucrative position. Term Limits solve a lot of problems.

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