Broadband Unleashed - Eliminate the Fiber Tether!

Broadband here. Broadband there. Broadband - NOW Virtually Everywhere! Spectrotel is steadfast in providing new-edge solutions for your customers to reach their full potential, regardless of their locations...

That's why Spectrotel is now an Authorized Starlink Reseller - offering Internet Over Satellite (IOS) Solutions based on the world's largest Low Earth Orbit (LEO) network, so your customers no longer need to rely on fiber networks for the high-speed, broadband connectivity that is essential for their operations and growth!

Thanks to Satellite technology and quality - low latency, fast internet access is now available virtually everywhere.

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Internet Over Satellite (IOS)

Download our datasheet today to learn more about Starlink and how Spectrotel will help you open more doors, increase your revenue, and differentiate yourself from other technology providers with this new-edge solution.

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