RWD - January 2023 Newsletter
Continuation Agreement for RWD Clients
For those of you who were not clients of RWD back in May 2014 , I created a 'Continuation Agreement' for your protection (revised 8/2018). Someday I might be run over by a bus, become severely disabled or worse die. If this were to occur, obtaining access to your web site, your accounts, your domain names, etc. would be very difficult for all parties involved.
I would not enter into an agreement lightly or with just anyone, as TRUST, HONESTY and PROFESSIONALISM are my priorities. In other words, I want all of my clients taken care of, if the worse were to happen.

I will not post the actual agreement here or on my web site, but I did want to remind / inform all clients that you are protected. The person that I trust I have a professional relationship for almost 12 years, he is my programmer and his name is Tony Rector.
Tony will have information for all clients, including login information for your web site, WordPress login information, as well as domain login information. Tony will also be informed about our relationship, as some web sites need SEO work, some maintenance, some hosting, some are hosted with 3rd party companies, some have PPC campaigns, etc. Each one is different.  

When or if this occurs, Tony will contact you within a reasonable time period, introduce himself and assist in keeping your site up and running. Once your site is up for renewal, Tony will offer his services at a reasonable cost, based on your situation.