Restoring Success Newsletter                                                                 November 2019
Restoring Success: When People Don't Follow Instructions
One of the root causes of all kinds of problems in our organizations can be traced back to simply not following instructions. It is a common source of frustration for managers and leaders. 

As I pondered this phenomenon that can inadvertently have disastrous consequences, I began to reflect on my own behaviors. My nature is to be a “rule follower" and follow the directions of others carefully; however, I realized that I do or have done things that are against the grain of being a good instruction follower. 

I like to cook but not bake. Why? Baking requires exact measurements and the following of directions. General cooking allows a lot of room for creativity and freedom; a pinch of this and a pinch of that, so much fun. Is this why some don’t follow instructions? Is there desire to be independent and creative?

I was trying to do something in PowerPoint and although I knew I could get step-by-step instructions and complete my mission efficiently, I fought the notion for 20 minutes. I clicked around, determined to figure it out without instructions. I finally caved, used the robust help feature and got clear step by step instructions on how to complete my objective. WHY did I do this? 

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Tool Tips For Your Success
When going out on a loss it is helpful to have our tools organized in an easy to locate tool bag. At Restoration Technical Institute we stay tidy by using a tool bag inventory list. After every class, we check to make sure our items are put back where they belong.

We have made it easy for you to stay neat too by including a list for you to use. Click here t o download our RTI Suggested Basic Field Staff Tool list.

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