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Having a Hearing Loop Installed ???


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Google Maps Shows You if the

Venue has a Hearing Loop Installed!

At the request of HLAA's Get in the Hearing Loop (GITHL) committee, Google has recently added Assistive Hearing Loops as an accessibility feature in Google Maps.

GITHL is helping Google Maps add loop locations to its database. Venues can also update their own profiles with this information. And, even individuals can leave a review to request that a hearing loop be installed.

Read the full HLAA blog post “Google Maps Now

Includes Hearing Loops” here.

Watch the Video (1 min) for how to use Google Maps to find the Hearing Accessibility Feature. Click here.

Now try it yourself! HLAA Colorado member Wynne Whyman, with Let's Loop Colorado and the GITHL committee, compiled a map and printable list of Colorado venues with hearing loops. Click here.

Hearing loops are the most user-friendly assistive listening option for individuals and venues alike. For videos about hearing loops, click here.

For a free on-site presentation and demonstration of hearing loops, contact Wynne at,

For more information, or for resources to support advocacy work, email Wynne at, or click on

5 Actions to Promote Hearing Loops on Google Maps

  1. Know B4 You Go
  2. Provide a Review
  3. Initiate a Conversation
  4. Let Us Know if a Hearing Loop isn't Listed in Google Maps. Contact Wynne at
  5. Spread the Word about Google Maps!

Click Here for a 2-page Handout for More Information about the 5 Actions