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Saludos Mi Gente,

As sun children, we sadly say hasta pronto to summer, but welcome October's flirtatious hues and the month's cool winds. Sometimes, we just have to be cooled down from the heat exacted on us from injustice. This month beckons us to pause, reflect, and draws us to the wisdom of our Indigenous elders, and the steadfast commitment to peace and justice. In the spirit of Indigenous Peoples Day this season offers UPROSE an opportunity to reflect upon our collective accomplishments, the challenges ahead, and the urgent global matters that strike our heart and demand our attention.

From Puerto Rico to Palestine

UPROSE firmly stands against colonialism, imperialism, and war, especially in the context of Indigenous Peoples' struggles for reclaiming land and sovereignty. As a climate justice organization, we cannot remain silent about the recent distressing escalation in the Middle East. We condemn the violence and oppression carried out by all involved, recognizing that these acts carry heavy consequences for the Palestinian people. As a Puerto Rican founded organization , we have always understood that the Palestinian struggle against imperialism and colonialism is deeply tied to the broader struggle for self-determination. We condemn the Israeli government's forced occupation and displacement of Palestinian people, the state of apartheid and the decades long violence and repression faced by Palestinians. We condemn the acts of violence carried out by Hamas and other groups, understanding that violence, regardless of the perpetrator, perpetuates suffering and hinders the path to peace, justice and unity. UPROSE remains committed to standing in solidarity with all those who fight against oppression, injustice, and war.

October is also Latino Heritage month. As Afro-Indigenous descendents of colonialism from the Caribbean and the Americas, Latino Heritage month is for us a celebration of difference and commonality. We honor our roots and celebrate the richness of our cultures, traditions, and stories that have contributed immensely to the world's cultural mosaic. The spirit of our peoples resonates with the values of community, resilience, and vibrancy and resistance.

We invite you to journey with us as we champion values of unity, peace, and justice. Together, let's celebrate the diverse tapestry of global stories and histories, and pay homage to the Indigenous custodians whose voices and legacies have indelibly shaped our lands for generations. The fight for climate justice is shaped and informed by these values. 

Paz y Poder,

Elizabeth and the UPROSE team


Artwork by Jackie Fawn


Congrats to The UPROSE Climate Justice Center!

In the wake of SuperStorm Sandy in October 2013, our community came to us with solutions. In the midst of the devastation, a spark of resilience and unity was ignited. Recognizing the need to address the imminent threats of a changing climate, community members rallied with an unwavering demand: to do more, to be more proactive, to rise together. It wasn't just about small changes like switching a light bulb; it was about thorough, block-by-block organizing to ensure that every resident had a voice and an active role in shaping our future. Born from this collective spirit and determination, the UPROSE Climate Justice Center emerged as a beacon of hope, community-driven action, and unwavering commitment to the environment and our collective future. Celebrating a decade of progress, we remain grounded in our origins, always remembering the community's call that started it all.

The Climate Justice Center has had many accomplishments - here are a few:


  • Formed GRASP with RAND, Lifeline Group, and NYC Environmental Justice Alliance.
  • Studied risks of contamination due to storm surge/flooding in Sunset Park.
  • Assisted local businesses in climate adaptation, protecting local jobs.


  • UPROSE’s Climate Justice Center released the Sunset Park Community Action Plan.
  • Coordinated action for community-based climate adaptation and resilience.


  • Sunset Park was designated as a NYS Brownfield Opportunity Area by the NY Secretary of State.


  • Organized Protect Our Working Waterfront Alliance (POWWA).
  • Organized Sunset Park to stop Industry City rezoning proposal to prevent resident/business displacement.


  • Formed OurPowerPR-NYC post-Hurricane Maria.
  • Assisted NYC Puerto Rican diaspora and supported Just Recovery in Puerto Rico.


  • Launched Sunset Park Solar, first community owned solar project in Brooklyn


  • Assisted NYRenews to pass the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA).
  • Helped pass NYC Climate Mobilization Act with NYC Environmental Justice Alliance.
  • Co-Created PEAK coalition; by 2021, Astoria Generating Company withdrew peaker plant permits.
  • Launched Green Resilience Industrial District (GRID) for Sunset Park Reindustrialization.


  • Defeated rezoning plan for Industry City preventing displacement.
  • Partnered with NYC Economic Development Corporation (EDC) and Pratt Graduate Center on GRID projects.


  • Secured $200M from NY State for Sunset Park port.
  • Supported construction of offshore wind assembly/maintenance hub.


  • Co-created Last Mile Coalition with NYC Environmental Justice Alliance and allies
  • Addressed zoning gaps allowing truck-intensive e-commerce facilities in disadvantaged communities.


  • Co-created NYC EJ offshore wind table and national guidelines with the Climate Justice Alliance for Offshore Wind eco-system
  • Updated and re-launched the Green Resilient Industrial District - GRID 2.0
  • ο»ΏSecured funds for UPROSE's Just Transition Worker Resource Center


Artwork by Sylvia Riveros, UPROSE Staff


Statement on Renewable Energy Contract Prices

New York City Environmental Justice (NYC-EJA), UPROSE, and The POINT CDC voice concerns on PSC’s renewable energy decisions. It's vital to protect communities from pollution & energy burdens. We advocate for a fair approach to contract modifications, ensuring a just transition & a brighter, cleaner New York future.




Affected by recent floods? Stay a step ahead next time!

RaisingHealth & UPROSE are teaming up to offer FREE flood alarms & hydrabarriers to our community. Join us on Oct 21st, 2-4pm. Let's protect our homes together! #FloodSafety #CommunityStrong



Our esteemed Executive Director, Elizabeth Yeampierre, who also serves as the Co-Chair of the Climate Justice Alliance Board, participated in the WECAN NYClimateWeek panel alongside some incredible environmental justice leaders and allies. This event took place on Wednesday, September 20, 2023, in NYC. Thank you to all who joined us!


UPROSE awarded 900K for 3 years to create the First Just Transition Worker Center in NYC

Earlier this week the UPROSE team shined bright at the Equinor Offshore Wind Ecosystem Fund Awards Ceremony at Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm! This initiative promotes sustainable growth, empowerment, and climate justice within NYC's offshore wind sector, championing environmental justice and supporting local BIPOC-owned innovations. #UPROSEProud


Thank you for diving deep into UPROSE's September newsletter and making it all the way to the end. Now, for a touch of fun – Could you help us name our spiritual avatar featured below? Share your ideas at info@uprose.org.

Credit: Leon Fu, a 2023

ο»ΏUPROSE Climate Justice Intern.

Credit: Leon Fu, a 2023

ο»ΏUPROSE Climate Justice Intern.


UPROSE is an intergenerational, multi-racial, nationally-recognized, women of color-led, grassroots organization that promotes sustainability and resiliency through community organizing, education, leadership development and cultural/artistic expression in Brooklyn, New York.

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