BEEF | Pasture Raised vs Conventionally Raised
There’s a lot of talk about the keto and carnivore diets here at Let’s Truck. With that, come the terms “dirty keto” and “nutrient-dense keto”. While many people are doing better on dirty keto than the standard American (SAD) diet, we ultimately would like for them to make the switch to nutrient-dense foods. The case for beef is no exception.
P R O D U C T ~ S P O T L I G H T
Tastes just like Banana Nut Bread except CRISPY...

Inside each package you will discover amazing taste, not like any other treat on the market. Made with only the best hand selected organic ingredients, no added sugar, no preservatives or weird things like high fructose corn syrup.

To ensure optimal nutrition and digestibility, Monkey Brittle is dehydrated in a gluten-free kitchen at 115°F degrees, and made with sprouted nuts, sweet plump raisins and perfectly ripened bananas.
We know you and your family will enjoy this wonderful guilt free treat..!!

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