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a white background has 5 multicolor, collage-based people who resemble Black and brown people with distinct features; the tallest person is in the center of the image. small text at the bottom of the image credits the artist, Favianna Rodriguez.

January's Awareness & Prevention Campaigns

Every January, advocates & survivors mobilize together in two different, but deeply interconnected, campaigns: Stalking Awareness & Prevention Month and Human Trafficking Awareness & Prevention Month.

These issues have serious impacts across the nation, and Idaho communities are no exception.

Both issues are prevalent across the state, particularly for minoritizied and/or rural communities. Sometimes these issues occur outside of sexual & domestic violence, but these issues all contribute to gender-based violence and feed from systemic oppression.

It is our collective duty to amplify awareness & prevention for stalking & human trafficking, not only in January but throughout our 2024.

Stalking Awareness & Prevention Media Kit
Idaho's Anti-Trafficking Resources

Join Us in Celebration:

Families Block an Idaho Law Banning Healthcare for Trans Youth

Just before the new year, we celebrated a victory for transgender youth, their families, and their medical providers: A federal judge blocked the enactment of a new Idaho law created to ban gender-affirming care for trans people in Idaho under 18 years old.

The block on this healthcare ban is a feat for our movements against gender-based violence. When we restrict people's bodily autonomy, we create ripe conditions for sexual & domestic violence. This recent block fuels a safe(r) future for Idahoans.

The ACLU of Idaho, Wrest Collective, and others in beloved community made this celebration possible. Although their work continues, it is imperative to pause and recognize their achievement.

Learn More About This Victory From the ACLU of Idaho

Join Us in Welcoming:

Andrea Chu Becomes the New Finance Steward for the Idaho Coalition

Andrea Chu is the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence's new Finance Steward. She is already an incredible component to our team.

Beyond her role on our staff, Andrea also shares her expertise with the programs, shelters, and organizations supported by the Idaho Coalition. You are encouraged to get to know her if you don't already, and you are invited to contact Andrea if you would like to explore possible training or assistance:

She specializes in

  • Accounting and financial reporting

  • Financial processes and internal controls

  • Project Management

Access Andrea's Availability Calendar to Set Up a Zoom


We feature 5 training & event opportunities:

To access these training & events, click here.


We also offer FREE shipping to our program members for all store materials.

To check out our materials, click here.

a maroon graphic design with a multicolor, collage-based person created by Favianna Rodriguez. a thin yellow border decorates the outline, and white bulky text reads "training & events".
a maroon graphic design with two multicolor, collage-based people created by Favianna Rodriguez. a thin yellow border decorates the outline, and white bulky text reads "store materials".
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