I've missed you all!
Dear Neighbor,

Turns out... after 6+ years of regularly sharing news and info about our community... I miss it! ☺️ And even though I am not representing you in Austin as the legislator for HD-65, or as your Lewisville ISD school board trustee, I am still very connected to federal, state, and local leaders, along with many organizations and programs that impact our lives in North Texas. I am also still very active in advocacy at the state Capitol which impacts our community.

Many have asked me to continue sharing these updates with my email list.

Would you like to continue to receive periodic emails about what's happening around our community? Please let me know below. I won't email too often, and will only send the stuff you care to know about. I hope you and your family are healthy and doing well.

Yours in service (still!) ~
Good News from HD-65
  • The State of Texas has announced that ALL adult Texans are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine effective March 29, 2021. Denton County is already accepting reservations. Sign up here to reserve your spot!
  • Would you like to honor a veteran in Highland Village? The deadline to do so is March 31, 2021. Learn about the new HV veterans' memorial monument.
  • Speaking of vaccines... Did you see that our own Denton County vaccination center at Texas Motor Speedway is one of the most effective in the country? Proud of our local leadership!
  • Congratulations to Daniel Wright of Hebron HS, and Gabriel Wright of Shelton School, on earning their Eagle Scout status!
  • Congratulations to Cora Simmons of Lewisville HS, and Elisha Amlani of Hebron HS, on earning their Girl Scout Gold Awards!
Capitol Update!

The 87th session of the Texas Legislature is taking place right now in Austin. There are always many hearings, meetings and pieces of legislation that impact our community, and I've monitored these for years... as a business owner, employer, parent, and then School Board Trustee. Happy to share the highlights with you! ~Kronda

  • Our State Senator, Jane Nelson, is once again chairing the important Finance Committee of the Texas Senate. Hearings on the Budget Bill (SB 1) are underway and can be watched here.

  • Senator Nelson also traveled to the Texas-Mexico border with a delegation of six of her female colleagues on 3/22, and they reported back on what they observed. Very interesting briefing if you are concerned about what is happening at the US border.
City & ISD Elections Coming!
Kronda and Bobbie Mitchell out greeting voters
Early Voting Begins April 19!
Are You Registered?

Your city and school board elections are taking place on May 1, 2021. Despite all the attention on November campaigns, it is these local officials that are the heart of the decisions that truly impact your family. The deadline to register to vote (or to change your voter registration if you have moved!) is April 1. Check your voter registration here and make sure you're up to date!
The Lion Dance at the Lunar New Year celebration of the AREAA DFW chapter! Everyone braved the cold and I had a great time with the board of AREAA.
Thank you for all of the donations of
food and toiletries for Metrocrest
Services. Our community is incredibly generous.
Congratulations to the new officers of the Republican Women of Denton Collin Dallas Counties sworn in for 2021.
Rotary work day at a local park!
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