❄️ December 2023 Newsletter ❄️

Dear Teens Finding Hope Supporters,

This newsletter shares memories of our thirteen-year history from conferences, resources, events and the people who have contributed to our successes, stories, material development and the conferences that have been a part of Teens Finding Hope.


We have elected to retire our nonprofit organization and Teens Finding Hope and we will cease its operations as of December 31, 2023.

We are delighted that NAMI Oregon (namior.org) has agreed to be a distributor of our materials. 

We want to thank you being a part of our thirteen-year history. We have made an impact in teen mental illness.


This powerful letter below was submitted by a teen over 11 years ago describing depression as the monster it is.

We are pleased to share it again.


Dear Depression,

You need to leave me alone already. Every day you’re screaming at me and telling me how terrible I am. You make me replay every mistake I’ve ever made. And you humiliate me on a daily basis. You’ve made it impossible to be happy. Or have any connection with my friends and family. I am so sick of you controlling me. The sooner you leave the better off I will be. Don’t come back either, I never want you to be a part of my life again. I hate you, and I hate myself for ever letting you in my head.


Sincerely, me.

These coping tips were first shared from NAMI years ago but are as pertinent today as when they were first shared.


The following are some things to consider if you or someone you love is learning to live with mental illness:

  • You cannot cure a mental disorder for someone you love.
  • No one is to blame for the one you love developing the disorder.
  • Mental disorders affect more than the person who is ill; they affect everyone.
  • Despite your best efforts, your loved one's symptoms will change for the better or sometimes for the worse; it is out of your control.
  • It is important to learn to separate the disorder from the person you love.
  • If you feel anger and resentment, direct that negative energy toward the illness, not the person that you love.
  • Remember that it is quite often difficult for the person you love to accept their disorder. This is a process you too may contend with. Acceptance of the disorder by all concerned may be helpful, but it is not necessary.

Adapted from NAMI Coping Tips worksheet

Please Join Teens Finding Hope in Celebrating Some of Our Accomplishments:

Created a nonprofit called Teens Finding Hope, Inc. in Nebraska and Oregon with a Board of Directors


Wrote & Published Four Books

  • Jared’s Journal
  • Parent Diary
  • Finding Rainbows through My Sister’s Depression
  • The Making of Brave


Held three Armed with Hope workshops for teens, families and counselors and other service providers in Nebraska and in Oregon supporting close to 100 individuals. 

These workshops brought together these Nebraska nonprofits: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Boystown, Counseling Groups, NAMI, Nebraska Family Helpline, Project Harmony, Region 6 Behavioral Health, GLSEN, YES

In Oregon the following came together: NAMI, Lines for Life, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Dougy Center, ASHA International, Parents Against Depression, Art Therapy, Creativity & Wellness Center


Spoke and Presented at Conferences and Workshops:

In Oregon

  • Oregon School Counselors Association Conference
  • Oregon Suicide Prevention Conference
  • Lines for Life
  • ASHA
  • 100 Strong, Oregon
  • Armed with Hope


In Nebraska

  • Grand Rounds at the Nebraska Med Center
  • Behavioral Health Education Center of Nebraska
  • Children and Family Services, Nebraska
  • Project Harmony
  • Armed with Hope 2 years


Spoke and provided resource at twelve middle schools and high schools both in Oregon and Nebraska


Printed & Distributed: Over 3/4s of 7000+ Books and Resources from 2010-2023

  • Making of Brave English version: 600
  • Making of Brave Spanish version: 50
  • Jared’s Journal English version: 2,120
  • Jared’s Journal Spanish version: 200
  • Parent Diary English version: 2,120
  • Parent Diary Spanish version: 200
  • Finding Rainbows English version: 1,420  
  • Finding Rainbows Spanish version: 200


Created our exceptional website that will remain active through September 2024 at teensfindinghope.org with resources, music, newsletters and much more! Kim Goldberg has shared her extraordinary skills in helping us create our brand, marketing materials, website, e-newsletters as well as illustrating and designing all of our books. Thank you.


Thank You to Our Very Special Board Members:

  • Tracy Wells of Nebraska
  • Previously on Board Dave Anderson, Mark Treinen Nebraska
  • Danielle Barth and Sherry Krueger of Oregon


Thank You to the many volunteers who got us up and running and helped in a myriad of ways:

Kristi’s family: Todd, Danielle, Josh, Jeremiah, Tabitha and TJ, Ron, Helen, Diane, Wendy, Thad, Mel, Betty, Sharon, Terry and Mike

Sherry’s Family: Jim, Emily, Ryan, Jon and Tiny

Friends, Michelle, Tracy, John, LeAnn, Julie, Lois, Brad, Jana, Gail, Laurie, Alicia, Pennie, Michele, Alyssa, Karen, Jessica, Gail, Ellen, Bonnie, Wendy, Lisa and Barbara


These are some of the many organizations that provided grants and financial support: Hawks Foundation, Omaha, 100 Strong Conference, BHECN, ASHA, Daugherty Foundation, Mutual of Omaha Foundation, Valmont Foundation


We also want to recognize our legal and tax providers that have volunteered their time and talents:

  • Andy Hahs and staff, Bittner Hahs law offices
  • Don Sewell, CPA

Thanks for your support, kindness, care and stories through the years. We hope that you can continue this work in your own way in your community and connections. Thanks for partnering with us and blessings on your journey. 

Sherry Krueger & Kristi Barth

Thank you all!

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