Dear Friend of the SC Bar Foundation,

It is truly an honor to serve as your new Executive Director.  After 15 years of working for or with several SC Bar Foundation grantees, I’m excited to transition into a position that will allow me to dedicate all my time and energy to supporting better access to justice and legal education. My experiences with SC Legal Services, SC Bar Pro Bono, SCCADVASA, SC Access to Justice Commission, and Palmetto Center for Children’s Legal Access gave me a front-row seat to the incredible and necessary work being done by our grantees.


I am especially interested in using the newly released S.C. Statewide Civil Legal Needs Assessment from the SC Access to Justice Commission to inform the SC Bar Foundation’s decisions moving forward. "There are too many people in need of civil legal services and not enough services to go around," was one of the key findings of that study. I am hopeful I can be part of a reinvigorated sense of service and commitment among lawyers that will allow the SC Bar Foundation’s impact to increase.


Please reach out to me to share your thoughts about how the SC Bar Foundation can continue its work and how we move forward. I am interested in meeting with as many of you as I can over the coming months to hear your thoughts and benefit from your wisdom and input. 


At any time, you can support the essential work of the SC Bar Foundation in one of the following ways: 



  • Recognize your friends and family with a gift in their memory or in honor.

  • Check something off your to-do list by turning your donation into a recurring gift- weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.  You set the amount and frequency, and we will do the rest!


  • Donate stock or life insurance to ensure you make a lasting impact.


  • Ensure a justice legacy by including the SC Bar Foundation in your will or estate plan. If you are 70 ½ or older, you can make tax-free gifts directly from your IRA.

  • Donate annually.


  • Make a pledge and pay monthly, weekly, quarterly or at the end of the year.


  • Tell your colleagues what influences you to support the SC Bar Foundation.

  • Participate in #givingtuesday on November 28th.


Thank you for your ongoing support of the SC Bar Foundation to improve the lives of all South Carolinians.



Olivia S. Jones


John DeLoache


"I am proud to serve as president of the SC Bar Foundation this year. I hope to use this year to highlight the excellent work the SC Bar Foundation does in supporting and improving civic education in South Carolina. The SC Bar Foundation Grants to law related education help bring civic education to the state’s primary school students and improve their knowledge of the foundations of our government, our laws, and the legal system."


Cocktails in the Courtyard-Charleston

The heat of summer may still be in full force, but we are dreaming of the cooler temperatures that fall will bring, and along with that, our favorite event: Cocktails in the Courtyard - Charleston! This is the fourth year the charming Holy City will host what has become the SC Bar Foundation's signature event. If you have never attended, we highly encourage you to stop by on Tuesday, October 24th, at 5:30 p.m. at the historic William Aiken House in downtown Charleston.


We look forward to catching up with our Lowcountry friends and hope to create new connects with members of the Charleston County Bar. Learn about the SC Bar Foundation and the work of our wonderful grantees while enjoying the sounds of live jazz, an open bar, and heavy hors d'oeuvres.

This event is a fundraiser, so your attendance supports our mission and helps fund our grantees! We look forward to seeing you there!


Thanks to our Charleston Event Sponsors:

as of August 23, 2023


Walker Gressette & Linton

Yarborough Applegate Law Firm


Buxton & Collie | Victoria Smith Law Firm


Bleecker Family Law | Ramsdale Family Law Firm | Womble Bond Dickinson


Bybee & Tibbals | Dayson, Shalabi & Burkett Law Firm


Costa Honeycutt | Hawk and Hawk Law

Interested in sponsoring this event? Click here for more information.


South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families


The South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families grew out of a statewide initiative launched in 1997 by The Sisters of Charity Foundation to reduce child poverty in South Carolina by re-engaging fathers with families. Operating as a public-private partnership with the S.C. Department of Social Services, the South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families was established in 2002, to sustain and expand this statewide fatherhood initiative.

Since its inception, the organization has worked tirelessly to assist fathers in exercising their parental rights and help them become great dads. The Center piloted Father to Father, Inc. in North Charleston in 2005. A year later, that program was replicated at several other sites and The Center became one of 100 fatherhood initiatives nationwide to receive a federal grant from the Office of Family Assistance (OFA) and was recognized as one of the most successful OFA-funded programs in the country.

In 2007, the organization added access to health care, a comprehensive approach to care, and education for non-custodial fathers. With a long-term commitment from the S.C. Department of Social Services, they significantly expanded their network of community-based programs in 2015. The success of that integration led them to create an initiative called Father365 in 2017. Today, they guide the work of six fatherhood organizations that serve fathers in all 46 counties.

The Center established a program called Jobs Not Jail that aims to reduce incarceration rates related to non-payment of child support and help fathers maintain employment and income. This model provides family court judges an option to use at initial contempt hearings for unemployed or underemployed non-custodial parents. In lieu of incarceration, the non-custodial parent can enter a comprehensive fatherhood program which delivers employment and support services focused on increasing their abilities to provide both financial and emotional support to their children.

A requirement of the program is that participants must secure employment within 30 days of enrollment. However, a judge may opt to extend the employment requirement if a participant is actively enrolled in a short-term job training program. Participants must begin making child support and debt-related payments within 45 days of enrollment and must attend 24 weeks of Responsible Fatherhood classes.

Funding from the SC Bar Foundation supports The Center’s Jobs Not Jail program, and staff members work directly with participants to help increase employment readiness and find jobs. Attorney Tana Vanderbilt, The Center’s Jobs Not Jail director and legal consultant, continues to be responsible for the coordination of the program, assists in developing Family Court and Child Support relationships, monitors modifications to the process from site to site, and serves as a liaison between The Center and various collaborative agencies. The SC Bar Foundation has specifically designated grant funding for Horry County, which will be used to increase education and services for low-income fathers in the county and strengthen the program’s capacity to increase the Jobs Not Jail impact on fathers and families. Additionally, The Center will provide ongoing training and support for planning and implementation of future services offered to fathers in Horry County.

by Lawrence E. Ford, Sr., D.Min.


Floyd S. “Trey” Mills III


Trammell & Mills

“You don’t get anything in life if you don’t give first. Having firsthand experience of being on the receiving end of love and support of a small community like Newberry County while undergoing leukemia as a teenager, you will never convince me otherwise. I give to the SC Bar Foundation because there are many injustices South Carolinians face every day, and I may not be able to help everyone in need of legal assistance with my time, but I can give to one of the best organizations in the state that ensures legal access, aid, and education is available for everyone."

Become a recurring donor today. Visit our website or contact us for more information! Together we can ensure legal access and education to all!


$20 in '23

This year's goal of the SC Bar Foundation is to increase the percentage of participation of the SC Bar members. On average, only 2% of practicing attorneys donate every year. For 2023, we are challenging 2,023 SC Bar members to donate at least $20 before the end of the year. As of August 16, we have had 426 donors participate, so we need 1,597 more donors to reach that goal!


Collectively we will raise $40,460 to ensure legal access, aid, and education for every SC citizen. That’s a big impact for a small donation, don’t you think?


If you're up for the challenge, here are ways you can submit your $20 donation:


  • Text to give at 803.219.3537

  • Attend Cocktails in the Courtyard - Charleston

  • Click the button below
I'll Donate $20!


Cynthia Morton


Womble Bond Dickinson

Family dinner at one of the Morton's favorite restaurants - Waffle House in Mt. Pleasant

(L to R) Cynthia's husband David, son Stuart, senior at Wando High, Cynthia, and son William, freshman at USC – Columbia

What initially led you to become involved with the SCBF?

My friend Jennifer Blumenthal with the Burr & Forman law firm in Charleston encouraged me to get involved with the SC Bar Foundation when she rotated off the board.

What is something you’ve learned about the SC Bar Foundation since becoming a board member?

As a real estate attorney, I get questions from clients about why attorney real estate trust accounts don’t earn interest. I now have an understanding of how the interest earned on those funds is being used.

Is there a specific grantee that really pulls on your heartstrings as a board and Bar member that you’re very honored to support? If so, why is that?

One80 Place. I became involved with One80 Place when it was known as Crisis Ministries through the Saturday Soup Kitchen back in the late 90s. A few years ago, I joined the Advance Committee of One80 Place and learned how much it had changed over the past 15 years. I am excited about its affordable housing project, which is especially needed in downtown Charleston.

How would you describe your experience at last year’s Cocktails in the Courtyard – Charleston?

I have attended the past three Cocktails in the Courtyard - Charleston events and enjoy the celebration of fall – and hopefully the end of the summer heat. In my practice area, I have limited face to face interaction with other lawyers – and so it is great opportunity to talk to colleagues in person.

Do you have any pets? If so, please tell us about them.

I have a wonderful mixed breed rescue dog who we think is around 13 years old. He was recently diagnosed with dementia and so I enjoy being able to work from home to spend more time with him since he gets confused and anxious when left alone.

What book/movie/podcast/tv show do find yourself recommending to your friends?

The book Text Me When You Get Home by Kayleen Schaefer. Great discussion on female friendships and support groups. Also, I recently saw the Barbie movie and would recommend it too.

What advice would you give a graduating law student?

Don’t be afraid to change cities, law firms, and practices – and don’t buy a house until you are older so that you can be flexible while starting your career as to where you want to live. I started my career in 1994 doing litigation in New York City, and now I am a transactional attorney in Charleston.

How do you unwind at the end of a rough day?

Dinner with my family (husband and 2 teenage sons) and walking around the neighborhood. Talking or texting with friends. I also read a lot of fiction.

Cynthia, we are grateful you accepted Jennifer's invitation to join our board!

Thank you for volunteering your time, talents, and treasures to support legal access, aid, and education in South Carolina!

Please join us for the annual global online fundraiser following Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday - #givingtuesday unites all good together by supporting the works of those helping others. So mark Tuesday, November 28th in your calendar and add a line in your budget to support our work in ensuring every South Carolinian can recognize and secure their legal rights.


Our Grantees for FY 24

Antioch Educational Center

Catholic Charities - Immigration Services

Center for Heirs' Property Preservation

Charleston Legal Access

Charleston Pro Bono Legal Services

Disability Rights SC

Greenville County Human Affairs Commission

Hopeful Horizons

Horry County Veterans Treatment Court

Justice 360

Lowcounty Legal Volunteers

Mediation and Meeting Center of Charleston

Medical Legal Partnership

Midlands Mediation Center

National Judicial Center

NC Center on Actual Innocence

One80 Place

Palmetto Center for Children's Legal Access

Project R.E.S.T.

Rainy Day Fund

Richland County CASA

Root and Rebound

SC Access to Justice Commission

SC Appleseed Legal Justice Center

SC Bar Law Related Education

SC Bar Public Services Division


SC Center for Father & Families

SC Coalition Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

SC Environmental Law Project

SC Legal Services

SC Restorative Justice Initiative

SC Victims Assistance Network

SC YMCA Youth in Government

Serve + Connect




Upstate Mediation Center

U of SC Public Service Programs

U of SC Salkehatchie

Forensic Chemistry Lab

We are proud to support the incredible work each of these organizations is doing!

To learn about these organizations, visit our Grantee Page.

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