Lessons from 2019

"We have seen attempts at the national, state, and local levels to inflict harm on the LGBTQ community in general, and on the Transgender community in particular. But we have not been sitting by passively. We have been doing the hard work of building a better future." โ€” Erin Uritus

What is the Q?

Over decades, workplaces have become familiar with the LGBT acronym, what it stands for, and ways to be inclusive of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender employees. Many employers, however, are further behind in their inclusiveness of queer identity. This resource defines what it means and provides best practices for queer inclusivity.

How Employers Can Support Those Living With and Affected by HIV or AIDS

December 1st was World AIDS Day - a day to show support for people living with HIV or AIDS and to honor those who have died due to AIDS-related illnesses. This resource includes key takeaways employers can use year-round to support employees living with HIV or AIDS.

Ananda Puchta Fights for LGBTQ Equality in Brazil

She's Black. She's Brazilian. She's a woman. She's working class. She's a lesbian. She was the lawyer who fought at the Supreme Court to protect LGBTQ people in Brazil.

Upcoming Events & Deadlines

Out & Equal 2020 Executive Forum - April 14- April 16, 2020
PriceWaterCooper Donates $6 Million to The Trevor Project

The PricewaterCooper Charitable Foundation announced they will invest $6 million in the Trevor Project over the next four years. They also promised up to $2 million in pro bono services to the organization. This is a big investment to address the high rates of suicide among LGBTQ youth.