June 17, 2023

"Why are we so sick?"

Continuing the series, Part 1 - MISSING NUTRIENTS

More on the Marvelous Mag!

"Why ARE we so sick?"

From our toxic-chemical laden environment and food supply to commonplace nutritional deficiencies, to the poor lifestyle habits of today, it is more a question of...

"Why are we ALL not sick?"

In this series I am still in Part 1, Nutritional Deficiencies. Having addressed the trace mineral lithium and the critically important mineral iodine, last week I talked about magnesium; another critical nutrient most of us do not get enough of, for a variety of reasons.

Today I'd like to continue on with the topic of Marvelous Mag, including more fascinating information and reading to you some "case studies" indicating how magnesium repletion can make a world of difference in a person's picture of health.

You may see yourself in the information I share, or maybe someone else you care about.

The good news comes after the bad, which is to say...

If we know what is broken, then we know what to fix, and in the case of missing nutrients, we then know how to "fix it."





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Read on & specifically with reference to pancreatic cancer
Published in this month's issue of Life Extension Magazine

Magnesium's Role in Fighting Type II Diabetes

Clinical studies show that magnesium can improve glycemic control and insulin sensitivity in those at risk for or with type II diabetes.

The National Magnesium Crisis

Magnesium - the missing link to better health - prevent heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, more...

I downloaded this, and here it is... just click to read and download to your own files if you wish:

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Magnesium Deficiency Raises Your Risk of Many Chronic Ailments and Premature Death

Food, Marvelous Magnesium-Rich, Food!

(And all 6 of these are gluten free)

Salmon Salad Power Bowls
Everything but the Kitchen Sink Soup
Breakfast Power Bowls
Cinnamon & Spice Plantain Bites
Egg & White Bean Tostadas with Chili Sauce
Creamy Blueberry Broccoli Slaw Salad with Yogurt

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