Hello Michael,

As the Policy Committee Chairman of the Lake County Republican Party, I am proud to announce that the Lake County Republican Party Platform was passed last week -- making it the FIRST official platform passed by a Republican County Party in Florida!

As a candidate for State Representative of Florida House District 26, I am 100% in support of the 45-page policy guide and I pledge to uphold every item in the LCGOP Platform when elected!

My campaign for State Representative is gaining momentum because of supporters like you. Floridians are tired of the same old status quo politicians blowing smoke when our country is in flames.

Now's the time for real conservative change, and I am enjoying meeting with many of you and discussing my plan to take Florida back!


Team Levine has been endorsed by Laura Loomer and former Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini!

We are making calls, knocking on doors, and mobilizing our fight to restore integrity in our elections, eliminate wasteful spending in the legislature, and reign in a new era of leadership that refuses to sympathize with the radical Marxist plot to destroy our country.

I entered this race because of people like you. I understand wholeheartedly that not everyone is in a position to run for office. After months of consideration, I decided to make the necessary adjustments, strap up my boots, and get to work for the people of Florida.

The corrupt Florida establishment wants to see nothing more than my campaign fail. They know I will carry on Anthony Sabatini's fight to preserve and protect Florida's freedom and fight for you -- NOT the corrupt special interests currently serving as our lawmakers' puppet masters.

We have less than three weeks to reach our end-of-year goal. Help Team Levine keep this momentum for Florida's freedom alive with a generous grassroots donation today.

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We are leading the charge of liberty and justice in Florida. When elected, I will fight to ensure that Floridians like President Donald Trump can no longer be targeted by rogue federal agencies.

I will fight to ensure that our elections are impenetrable and that only legal votes are counted in Florida.

I will fight for you, the people of Florida, against the un-American plot to corrupt our children, devalue our beliefs and destroy the country we have worked so hard to build.

I will fight for Florida.

Mike Levine

Candidate for State Representative

Florida House District 26