Monday November 7, 2022
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JPMorgan Successfully Conducts First On Chain DeFi Transaction...
JP Morgan has successfully completed its inaugural cross-border transaction using DeFi on a public blockchain. In doing so, the banking giant has begun paving the way for other banking and financial institutions to start using decentralized finance as a default infrastructure going forward.

To Add To Security OpenSea Announces Testing With Systems To Freeze Suspicious NFT Sales...
The worlds biggest NFT marketplace, OpenSea, recently announced that it shall be testing a new system which freezes trading of NFTs involved in suspicious sales while it investigates the transaction to prevent theft, scams, and any other potential fraudulent behavior.

Instagram Announces Digital Creators Will Soon Be Able To Mint And Sell NFTs On The Platform...
Instagram has announced that a select group of digital creators will soon be able to mint and sell NFTs directly the social media platform instead of relying on various third parties.

Immutable X Powering GameStops NFT Marketplace...
Immutable X, a Layer 2 Ethereum scaling protocol, is now officially powering GameStops NFT marketplace as the initiative has gone live. In March of this year, Immutable was valued at $2.5 billion.

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Bitcoin Finds Support Above 50-Day Moving Average
ETH/BTC 50-day Moving Average Avoids Death Cross
VERY BAD News For The Future Of Finance... Get Ready
The REAL Truth About The Crypto Bear Market - Changpeng Zhao (Binance CEO)
Report: Institutions Want Crypto!? You Won't Believe This!!
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