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September 2023
Celebrating & Highlighting Iowa Educators
Brothers Alex Glade and Jeff Glade standing shoulder to shoulder
The Glade Brothers
Alex Glade & Jeff Glade
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Kourtney Janss
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Norwalk Community School District
ITEC is committed to celebrating the work and amplifying the voices of our incredible Iowa educators. During our ITEC Fall Conference each year, we feature several Iowa educators, as well as one Iowa district, in our speaker line-up. This fall, we're excited to be joined by the Iowa Featured Speakers above, who will share their stories and experiences serving Iowa students!
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📅 Dates on Deck:

ITEC 2023 Fall Conference
October 16 and 17
Iowa Events Center

Sypersma Leadership and Innovation Award
Nominations due 9/24

Early bird Registration
closing September 30th!

Registration is Live
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Conference Registration
Woot Woot!! 2023 Fall ITEC Conference Registration is live. We have a dynamic lineup of speakers and an amazing range of strands to choose from. From administrators and teachers to coaches and IT staff, your sure to find something that you can implement immediately.

Want to save on the cost of registration? Get registered by September 30th to take advantage of our early bird registration.
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Tip / Strategy To Try Out
Interactive Questions in Youtube videos in Google Classroom

Quickly create interactive questions in Youtube videos in Google Classroom. This feature is available to those districts with the Teacher and Learning upgrade or the Education Plus accounts.

You can easily add in multiple choice, checkboxes, or open-ended questions to various points throughout the video. This can be a great way to keep students focused on the main points in the video or to start their reflecting process over what they have just learned. You can use questions to help focus the learning and make the video more impactful on the students.
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💻 Tech Tool of the Month 💻
Do you ever wish you had a personal assistant? Maybe you want to change up a lesson or search for new ideas. is here to help with that. The website is loaded with over 50 different tools to help you be productive. According to their website “Fight burnout and join thousands of teachers saving hours of time using MagicSchool to help lesson plan, differentiate, write assessments, write IEPs, communicate clearly, and more.”

The premade prompts make getting the results you want even easier. No more fighting with other AI systems to get it to do what you want. With MagicSchool you can specify the grade level and standard you are using. The tools can do many things from developing lesson plans, designing rubrics, leveling text and creating questions based on text you provide. 

Another great tool is the make it relevant option. This tool will use your students interests and background and provide suggestions for making the current topic relevant to them. The system generates different tasks that could be used to teach the topic. 

As with any AI caution should be taken when looking at results. The AI can provide wrong or misleading information as it is only trained on data through 2021. MagicSchool suggests an 80-20 rule. Let them do the heavy lifting of generating ideas and lessons. The teachers should do the last 20% and make any changes necessary to fit their style and class.

Click the link below for a quick video tour of and some of the features.
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Learning Recommendation
The AI Classroom
Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the world, and education is no exception. In this book, Daniel Fitzpatrick, a leading expert in AI education, provides educators with a comprehensive guide to using AI in the classroom.
The book covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • The benefits of using AI in education
  • How to choose the right AI tools for your classroom
  • How to integrate AI into your teaching practices
  • The ethical considerations of using AI in education

The AI Classroom is an essential resource for any educator who wants to stay ahead of the curve and use AI to improve student learning.

Check it out
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