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October 2023

Featured Speakers

Jorge Valenzuela

Jornea Armant

Josh Stumpenhorst

Allyson Schwab

ITEC is dedicated to bringing fresh insight and best practices to support educators! This year we have a line-up that is 🔥 This dynamic line-up is ready to share tips and tricks from their personal playbooks when it comes to engaging students through dynamic, project-based, and future-ready learning!

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📅 Dates on Deck:

ITEC 2023 Fall Conference

October 16 and 17

Iowa Events Center

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Registration is Live

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November Webinar

More details coming soon.

Conference Registration

Woot Woot!! 2023 Fall ITEC Conference Registration is live. We have a dynamic lineup of speakers and an amazing range of strands to choose from. From administrators and teachers to coaches and librarians, your sure to find something that you can implement immediately. See for yourself by exploring the Fall Conference Schedule.

We hope to see you there!!

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Tip / Strategy To Try Out

Add Items in Google Docs with the @ menu

Within Google Docs, you can insert and link people, files, events, chips, and other items simply by typing @.

When you insert the @ into your Google Doc, you will see a search menu pop up. You can add blocks which includes email drafts, meeting notes, and other pieces to make you more efficient.

You can also access different "smart chips" to add some quick functionality to your doc. Insert a stopwatch or timer to any agenda item to help stay on time. Use the dropdown chip to add a drop down menu within your doc. Utilize the voting chip to get consensus on an item quickly and easily.

These are great new features to help your productivity and add functionality to your doc.

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💻 Tech Tool of the Month 💻


You may have heard that Google will be shutting down Jamboard at the end of 2024. This has left many perplexed, but also scrambling to explore alternatives. Figma is an Adobe owned product that offers a tool you may hear referenced as Figma Design which is a robust tool for prototyping and design. Another product offered by Figma is FigJam. It is similar to Jamboard, but features a dynamic suite of collaboration and visualization features.

FigJam allows you to:

  • Brainstorm visually with sticky notes, whiteboarding tools, and more.
  • Collaborate in real time from anywhere in the world.
  • Organize your ideas with frames, templates, and other features.
  • Present your work to others with FigJam's built-in presentation mode.

With such a robust and amazing resource like this you may be wondering what's the to be expensive right? FigJam is 100% free for education.

Ready to dive into FigJam and learn more? Iowa Featured Speakers, Alex and Jeff Glade, have a session all about FigJam at the ITEC Fall Conference in Des Moines on October 16-17. There is still plenty of time to register.

Not able to attend this year's ITEC Fall Conference, no worries, former Featured Speaker, Eric Curts, shared a great webinar all about FigJam.

Explore FigJam
Learning Recommendation
October's learning recommendation is Canva's Magic Studio

Canva Magic Studio

Canva Magic Studio launched this week and educator's have access in their free pro edu accounts! Our learning recommendation this month is a bit more self guided but, check out this video to learn all that Canva Magic Studio has to offer.

Using the power of AI, Canva Magic let's you easily enhance within the already powerful Canva platform with 10 new features! You can use prompts to design, create videos, or even presentations.

Spend some time exploring the official release from Canva and have fun creating!

Check it out!
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