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January 2024


With so many amazing practitioners in the field of education, ITEC strives to elevate the amazing work of educators across the state. We couldn't have done it without you! Help us kick off 2024 by nominating a "Shoutoutee!

A Shoutoutee is a person who deserves recognition for the incredible work they are doing to support students with technology in a digital learning environment.

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📅 Dates on Deck:

January Webinar

January 16, 2024

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ITEC IT Conference

February 16, 2024

Nevada Schools

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February Webinar

February 21, 2024

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IT Conference

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Are you an IT rockstar? Consider presenting at ITEC's IT Conference in Nevada, IA on February 16, 2024.

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January Webinar

AI in Education Reloaded: Charting New Paths in the New Year

Join us on Tuesday, January 16th from 7-8 PM CST to revisit our AI conversation that we started last year. Gain insights into transformative mindsets, policies, and favorite tools shaping learning. Chart new paths and unlock AI’s potential in redefining education for the year ahead.

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Tip / Strategy To Try Out

Copy Link to Highlight

This little hidden gem is an easy way to share information from a website with someone else quickly and easily and works in Chrome & Edge.

From any website, highlight a piece of text that you want someone to notice. Right click on the highlighted text to get the popup menu. Click on the menu option to "Copy Link to Highlight". This will give you a new URL that can be shared in an email, chat, or a variety of different ways. The person who receives this URL can open it. It will not only open the web page you were directing them to, but it will also have the highlighted text highlighted for them to notice right away.

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💻 Tech Tool of the Month 💻


Conker is an AI tool developed by the makers of Mote that is focused on helping teachers easily create online quizzes for students.

You can easily enter the subject matter, question types, number of questions, grade level, and language output, as well as any additional reading material that you would want to have presented alongside the quiz and it will create the quiz for you. The question types include multiple choice, read and response, fill in the blank, or a mixed collection of questions.

Conker will create the quiz for you and then you can edit the questions and answers as needed. Suggestions will also be included for related topics if the quiz was not focused enough on your specific topic. You can export your quiz to Google Forms or even share directly from the Canvas LMS. If you are using the online version of the quiz, they offer integrated read-aloud for students who can benefit from accessibility support.

One additional way that Conker can aid in quiz creation is that you can easily look over tons of ready-made, K12 standards-aligned assessments - starting with NGSS and TEKS.

You can create a free account and start creating quizzes today!

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Learning Recommendation

50 Strategies for Integrating AI in the Classroom by Donnie Piercey (book cover)

50 Strategies for Integrating AI into the Classroom by Donnie Piercey

The new year is the perfect time to revisit trending topics and instructional practices to refresh and enhance your teaching toolbox.

50 Strategies for Integrating AI in the Classroom may just be your key to unlocking incredible possibilities! Piercey's practical guide, packed with actionable tips and engaging examples, makes AI accessible for K-12 educators across all subjects.


  • Personalized learning: AI tutors, instant feedback and tailored assignments free you to inspire, while students get the support they need to soar.
  • Boosted engagement: Ditch the textbooks and ignite imaginations! Design AI-powered storytelling projects, explore virtual worlds and even compose music together.
  • Time-saving magic: Let AI handle tedious tasks like grading or managing assessments, freeing you to focus on what matters most – your students.

Not only does this book explore practice applications, it also delves into ethical considerations and potential challenges, ensuring you navigate the AI landscape with confidence.

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