The turkey above may not be the most glamorous turkey but I have fond memories of encountering him in the La Perla neighborhood of Old San Juan last March. Why there was a full grown turkey wandering the streets I do not know. But the story of La Perla is a fascinating one. Originally a slaughterhouse, then homes where slaves lived and more recently a neighborhood of homes and place where the Despacito music video was filmed. If you are in Puerto Rico this winter, I encourage you to take a guided visit.

Of course Thanksgiving is what made me think of that turkey. For those of us who fall short at reminding ourselves to be grateful everyday, now is the time of year that reminds us to be thankful.

On that note I have many blessing to count. Like many of you, family and friends top the list, as well as good health, a warm home and my loyal pup, Tigger, that accompanies me on all of my outdoor adventures.

I'm also grateful that I have the opportunity for my work to be my passion and that I took the leap to start Truvay Travel in August of 2019. Yes that was shortly followed by a pandemic that literally obliterated the travel industry overnight. But with some patience and fortitude we rode that massive trough. And that is just one of the reasons I'm grateful for all of you who stuck with me during those challenging two years. I absolutely love doing what I do - planning adventures for you all over the world. The collision of two things that I'm obsessed with - entrepreneurship and travel - are what (literally) get me out of bed every morning.

More to be thankful for - in the last two weeks I've attended two events. The first in Orlando with my colleagues and many partners. There I received a big surprise. I was given the Sterling award. This award represents the advisor who stands out by being a team player, sharing knowledge, growing their business and continuing their education. It was an honor to receive it, and even more so because the award was chosen by my peers. I feel blessed to be a part of the community I'm in and honored they selected me.

On the left: with Troy Haas, CEO of Brownell Travel.

On the right: with Paul McGannon, Marriott Hotels

And last weekend I was in London to receive the Luminous Crescent Club award from the Marriott brands. That was not only an honor, but also an opportunity. My daughter, Jessie, was my +1, which was so fun! And I spent the weekend hanging out with some amazing travel industry leaders - the General Managers of The Ritz Carlton's in the Maldives, Grand Cayman, Canary Islands, Aruba and many more. The GMs of the St Regis in Bal Harbour, W Hotels in Barcelona, Aspen and Ibiza and many other Autograph Collection hotels. And my favorite people at the W South Beach, Cosmopolitan Las Vegas and Ritz Carlton Mexico City, who I've had the pleasure of working with on several client trips. With many clients who have upcoming trips to these hotels, it was a great opportunity for me to connect with their top leadership.

This year in addition to the upcoming holiday season and American football playoffs, we have the World Cup. In my house it will be on TV a lot. Already there's been some disruptions (Saudi Arabia beat Argentina and Messi!) and I expect more to come. I will be cheering for the USA and Spain. Yesterday I had a call with my clients heading over to Doha this weekend. They'll be seeing 5 games. I am beyond excited (and very envious) for their trip. Going to the World Cup is on my bucket list and perhaps in 4 years when it's closer to home I'll get there.

As I finish writing this Wednesday morning, I am at Boston Logan waiting to board our flight to Indianapolis. I am faced with a bit of a predicament, and I created a poll below to ask what you would do in this situation. I can't wait to hear!

By this time next week, I'll have just been in London again, Johannesburg and on safari in Kruger. I can't wait to share lots of details with you!

I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful time with your family and friends. What a difference from the last few years!




  • Adventures in Luxury Travel Podcast - El Silencio
  • This week's highlight - Dishoom
  • Travel Updates
  • P.S. Favorite Articles

El Silencio. The silence. 

This week on Adventures in Luxury Travel I was joined by Jennifer Perez, of El Silencio Lodge and Spa in Costa Rica.

This Relais & Chateaux property is nested in between two national parks on 500 acres in the cloud forest of Costa Rica. Don’t let “cloud forest” let you think there is no sunshine. The days we were there in October each started off with hazy clouds and by lunch time it was bright blue skies. 

El Silencio has 24 rooms from suites up to 3 bedroom villas. It’s an ideal getaway for a couple, group of couples or a small yoga retreat. As a Relais & Chateaux property, trust the food will be incredible – both in taste and presentation. 

El Silencio shares the country of Costa Rica’s focus on sustainability. 90% of their staff are local, they offer programs to connect with the local community, lead conservation efforts and provide little trees for guests to plant during their visit. 

Here are a sampling of activities you can enjoy while at El Silencio. Find a more extensive list of activities here.

At the lodge

• Hike to waterfall – guided or unguided

• Mountain biking

• Horseback riding

• Rappeling waterfalls

• River fishing


• Rum tasting

• Cooking classes

Relax and luxuriate:

• Spa, including a beautiful couples' treatment room

• Private yoga, meditation, aerial yoga classes

• 9am complimentary daily classes include variations of slow flow yoga and sound healing 

You can find the episode on Apple podcasts here

*Your exclusive gift when you are a Truvay Travel client

Lunch or dinner for two at Rancho Orquideas, the private venue perched next to the river.


As someone who lives in a small town with about 15 restaurants, visiting a city with cuisines from all over the world is always appreciated!

With so many clients going to London in December,

restaurant recommendations have been front and center.

One that is universally loved is Dishoom.

Their cuisine is a celebration of Bombay cafes from India.

They have 4 restaurants sprinkled around the city.

Some people have a favorite.

I personally love the overall vibe and bustling nature of Carnaby Street and when I walked by Dishoom at 12pm last weekend there was already a line out the door.

They take reservations during the day for any size table or at night for groups of 6+ people.

Carnaby Street is a fun area to walk around - shops, restaurants, Christmas lights. And right near another British favorite, Liberty London.

Liberty London is an iconic British store that has been around since the 1800's. We learned a fun fact from our taxi driver, which prompted me to read up on the history.

"Its construction used recycled timber from two ships – the HMS Hindustan and HMS Impregnable. There is also a weathervane on top of the shop, and it’s the same one from the HMS Mayflower, the very ship that brought the Pilgrims to America."

If you are in the mood for Indian, but you can't get into Dishoom, try another favorite,

Bombay Bustle.

📷 Dishoom


25 breathtaking places and experiences for 2023, National Geographic

Why employee sabbaticals are a winning idea, San Diego Tribune

Amazing Hotels With Less Than 20 Rooms, Virtuoso

19 of the best places to visit in February, Wanderlust

Airlines try to avoid meltdowns as longer Thanksgiving travel period begins, Washington Post

Want to Fly Like Maverick? These Flight Schools Will Help You Live Out Your ‘Top Gun’ Fighter Jet Fantasies, Robb Report

25 Travel Experiences That Should Be on Your Bucket List, NYT

We Love These 10 Bookstore-Cafes in France, Fodors

Flying Alone With Your Kids? Make Sure You Have Proof of Your Relationship, NYT

Sizing Up This Year’s Batch of Black Friday Travel Deals, NYT

The Best Luxury Luggage for Traveling in Style, Town & Country

Rimowa - I learned of this brand 2 weeks ago and then passed by their store on chic Bond Street in London. If you are coveting stylish, durable and name recognition, it’s a perfect choice. The Away brand - my current favorite - is not on the list, likely because it’s not designer. But I love it!

The White Lotus-Inspired Travel Guide to Sicily,

Where to eat, sleep, and sightsee like the HBO hit's new class of privileged Americans.

Town & Country

(If you aren't able to access an NYT, WSJ, Washington Post or Outside Magazine article, send me a note and I'll send it to you in a PDF.)

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