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a white background has 5 multicolor, collage-based people who resemble Black and brown people with distinct features; the tallest person is in the center of the image. small text at the bottom of the image credits the artist, Favianna Rodriguez.

8 Tools for V-Day & TDVAPM

Recently, an organization called Recognize Violence, Change Culture released a series of resources for Valentine's Day and Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month (TDVAPM).

Each of their resources are helpful tools for your outreach and educational needs.

Check these out to boost your February programming:

  1. Consent-Centered Valentine’s Day Cards (linked here)
  2. V-Day Grams (linked here)
  3. Coloring Pages (linked here)
  4. Healthy Relationship Handouts (linked here)
  5. Dating Skill-Building Games (linked here)
  6. Healthy Relationship Chatterbox (linked here)
  7. Comics About Domestic Violence Survivor Barriers (linked here)
  8. Creative Stickers (linked here)
For more resources, request a FREE Toolkit

Idaho’s 2024 Youth Writing Challenge

The Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence is inviting all middle school and high school students in our state to submit poems or short stories about “Love Languages in Healthy Relationships”.

Between now and March 1st, we are accepting youth submissions.

And besides getting their writing published, there’s also an opportunity for chosen authors to win $25 - $250 prizes.

Please share the word to Idaho youth, teachers and other school staff, or others who engage with middle school and high school students!

Find our prompts, guidelines, and submission links

Action Requested: Safeguard Asylum

On Sunday night, Senate negotiators released the text of the “Emergency National Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2024,” legislation intended to address defense funding and border security concerns. 

This funding bill includes numerous immigration policy provisions that harm survivors fleeing gender-based violence and puts many others at increased risk of harm. 

This bill would not only deter survivors from seeking asylum or reporting their experiences, but runs the risk of pushing survivors back into dangerous and unsafe conditions.

Take action and learn more with the API-GBV team


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a maroon graphic design with a multicolor, collage-based person created by Favianna Rodriguez. a thin yellow border decorates the outline, and white bulky text reads "training & events".
a maroon graphic design with two multicolor, collage-based people created by Favianna Rodriguez. a thin yellow border decorates the outline, and white bulky text reads "store materials".
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