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Dear Friends who love Yarn,

I spend part of the winter in Arizona where I take time to do some art and knit. The female cardinal at the top of this email is a from sketchbook page where I used both ink and watercolor.

This little blue jay oil painting is now lost in the UPS package system. I did this one back in Michigan and am hoping that the box with this painting (and some of my knitting!) shows up this week.

I'm keeping a Sockhead Slouch Hat project in my backpack and have been pulling it out often. This kind of zen knitting helped to pass the time when our flight from Detroit to Phoenix was delayed a few weeks ago. Knitting really rocks on days like that!

We are working on a PDF that you can download and add to your collection of yarn hints. This one will be about splicing yarn using the Russian join. That splice is almost invisible and is shown in the photo on the right of knitting a Felix Cardigan using Simplinatural.

We appreciate your orders and hope that you are finding time to get out a crochet or knitting project. The calm that comes from concentrating on how a pattern works or what a stitch looks like is one of the good parts of doing hand work.

Keep crocheting! Keep knitting! And do watch next week's email for our Helpful Hints PDF about doing the Russian Join splicing technique.

Best regards,


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