Monday October 31, 2022
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New Smart Contract Monitoring System Launched By Fantom In Collaboration With Debaub...
Fantom is among the most rapidly growing Layer 1 blockchain platforms. Recently, it launched Watchdog, a continuous smart auditing system. Decentralized applications built on Fantom will therefore reportedly benefit from automatic audits by the Watchdog system, thanks to a collaboration with leading blockchain security firm Debaub.

Metaverse Based Schooling...
To encourage local students, particularly those who live far away from school, the Japanese city of Toda has reportedly implemented a new metaverse based schooling service.

Google Cloud Announces launch of Node-hosting Service For Web3 Developers...
Google Cloud has announced the launch of its own node-hosting service for Web3 developers. The service, which is being called the Blockchain Node Engine, shall reportedly enable developers to depend on Google Cloud to deploy a new node, thereby making the entire process quicker, easier, and more secure.

Twitter Developing Crypto Wallet...
As part of an ongoing trend for social media platforms which also include both Instagram and Facebook, Twitter has announced that it is developing a new wallet prototype which will reportedly allow users to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies.

Virtual NFT Confex
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