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Q&A with Rand Dotson, Editor in Chief of LSU Press

From the OTH Archives: Back in 2017, OTH interviewed Rand Dotson from the LSU Press about the press's work in relation to debates around remembering the civil war, confederate iconography, and more. These issues have not been put to bed three years later and seemed timely with the US election creeping toward us. This interview has been edited with a new introduction.

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Ringling College Student Films
Bear With Me (Short Film
© Rodrigo Chapoy 2020
Pedal to the Medal (Short Film)
© Ben Acevedo and Andrew Benson and Sabrina Demers 2020
Library Takeout
Watch the creative way Duke University Libraries is communicating to faculty and students about their "Library Takeout" program.

Music and animation by: MicrOpaqu3.
Open Access and the Global South
Wrap Up from Knowledge Unlatched's Frankfurt Book Fair Panel, by Sven Fund

Supporting access to scholarly content for researchers worldwide but in particular in the
Global South is one of the altruistic arguments mentioned most commonly by librarians and
funders in the more economically-developed regions of the world. But that wish alone does
not fully address the demands and needs for equitable participation in the global publication
and research process.
African Studies Association Annual Meeting
Previewing the Meeting, by Kathryn Salucka

The ASA Annual Meeting brings together thousands of attendees from across the globe to share their latest insights, discuss new paradigms, and debate the finer points of the field. A long-standing tradition, the Annual Meeting serves as the highlight of the year for the ASA, and an opportunity for our members to come together.
Central European University Press Announces Innovative Open Access
Funding Model
October 22, 2020

The Central European University Press (CEUP) announces that it is transitioning to an open access (OA) monograph programme through its new library subscription membership initiative, Opening the Future. The Press will provide access to portions of their highly-regarded backlist and use the revenue from members’ subscriptions to allow the frontlist to be OA from the date of publication. The Press is working with the Community-led Open Publication Infrastructures for Monographs (COPIM) project.
Center for the Preservation of Civil Rights Sites Launched by the Weitzman School of Design
October 25,2020, via The Daily Pennsylvanian
A new initiative, the Center for the Preservation of Civil Rights Sites, has been announced by the Weitzman School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania, to be headed up by Faculty Director Randall Mason, a professor in the graduate program in Historic Preservation. The new
“CPCRS is committed to advancing the understanding and sustainable conservation of heritage places commemorating the African-American struggle, before and after the passage of the 14th Amendment’ and it will partner with “preservationists, stewardship organizations, advocates, scholars and other supporters of civil rights heritage."
Disciplining Comics: Teaching in the Humanities with Graphic Histories
Webinar, January 27, 2020

Comics can be serious teaching tools. In this webinar, hosted by the National Humanities Center, Trevor R. Getz (Chair, Department of History; Director, Initiative for Public Humanities, San Francisco State University) discusses ways to bring the learning opportunities of the comic
medium to the humanities classroom.
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