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March 2023

Eileen’s Lesson

About 10 years ago, we went to China and spent the day touring Beijing.

On the way back to the hotel, the kids said, "We’re tired of Chinese. There’s a Pizza Hut across the street from the hotel. Can we stop there?" I said, "Sure." So we went to Pizza Hut.

We were handed the menu: fried rice, spring rolls, and basically all Chinese food. We asked the waitress, “Where is the pizza?” She said, “Oh, you want the American menu.” Yes, we did. So she brought us the American menu, and we ordered pizza.

As managers, we need to be more like Pizza Hut. Be adaptable. One size doesn’t fit all. Just because something works in one place doesn’t mean it will work everywhere. 

If you need help adapting your HR to better fit the needs of today's employees and work environment, please contact us.


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Do You Need an Employee Handbook? Smart Way to Go in 2023

There is no legal requirement that businesses have an employee handbook but it's a good idea, especially in light of the rapidly-changing work environments that have been borne out of the pandemic. Most people think of the employee handbook as a tool to provide details about company-specific procedures and guidelines.

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The HR Team, renowned for delivering elite HR support services for strategic and tactical client needs, is seeking highly-motivated, experienced Human Resources Managers to serve clients in the DC metro area. Team members enjoy a fun, dynamic environment that blends a variety of work with the stability of a regular paycheck. The extreme flexibility of full-time or part-time positions is available.

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Coaching Your Team as a Collective Makes It Stronger

Until recently, coaching was considered primarily a one-on-one practice. But no matter how effective employees are on their own, they can only contribute to the real power of the collective if their managers provide them with coaching as a group.

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