DFC Unveils New Climate Commitments 
When President Biden signed an Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis earlier this year, he highlighted the need for the U.S. to support developing countries in climate mitigation and adaptation as part of a coordinated global effort. Three months later, DFC has responded to that call by transforming the way we invest in development.

During the 2021 Leaders Summit on Climate, DFC announced a series of ambitious new climate goals to help tackle the threat of climate change, including a pledge to reach net zero emissions in its portfolio by 2040 as well as a commitment to increase climate-focused investments to one-third of new investments by FY 2023. 
President Biden Highlights DFC's New Climate Goals
During the Leaders Summit on Climate, President Biden announced the new Climate Finance Plan and highlighted DFCโ€™s new climate-focused commitments to increase investment in climate across the globe.
Now Accepting Climate-Focused Applications for DFC Support
As part of DFCโ€™s new commitments to combat climate change, the agency has opened two new Calls for Applications for climate-focused investment funds and for distributed renewable energy projects.
DFC's Bold Response to an Existential Threat
COO David Marchick explains how DFC is transforming the way it invests in development to tackle the climate crisisโ€”what President Biden has called the existential threat of our time.
Distributed Renewable Energy is Key to Powering the World
Investing in distributed renewable energy can bridge electricity gaps and bring affordable and reliable power to every corner of the world. DFC's Chief Development Officer shares more on Medium.
Supporting Vaccinations in Developing Countries
DFC financing is helping Parsyl and Lloyds of London launch the Global Health Risk Facility, which will help mitigate the risks of storing and transporting COVID-19 vaccines to emerging markets.
DFC Reaches First Close on Loan to WaterEquity
Support to WaterEquity's Global Access Fund is expected to empower at least five million people to access improved household water and sanitation in emerging markets.
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