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A message from owner and founder of Starr Horse Retreats

Melinda Starr...

Are the Horses Calling You?

Horses are healers and advanced beings. They are conduits to 

higher frequencies and remind us to be present; not in the past, not in the future, but in the here and now.

Starr Horse Retreats

Whether you want to connect with horses for retreats, stewardship, training, or partnership

Starr Horse Retreats has two unique offerings in 2024

~ Positive Reinforcement Horse Training Certification ~

March 24th - April 21st, 2024

~ Tahoe Shamanic Horse Healing Retreat ~

April 26th - April 29th, 2024

March 24th - April 21st, 2024 

Positive Reinforcement Horse Training Certification

R+ Whole Horse - Whole Human program is a comprehensive 30-day, residential, positive reinforcement horse handling certification program, designed to strengthen the relationship between horses and humans by healing the human and honoring the horse.

April 26th - April 29th, 2024 

Tahoe Shamanic Horse Healing Retreat

This three-night retreat offers guests an opportunity to work closely with the shamanic abilities of horses to unlock and heal ancient genetic memories of trauma and fear encoded deep in their ancestral history. In addition to equine interaction during the weekend, we offer morning yoga, sweat lodge and cacao ceremony, movement, breathwork, sound healing, and flower bath, along with horse spirit medicine.

Positive Reinforcement Horse

Training Certification

Our Positive Reinforcement horse training certification prepares residents to graduate with the tools necessary to become a higher consciousness positive Reinforcement (R+) horse handler. 

What is R+?

Although it is now commonly accepted practice to use R+ for dog training, the horse industry has been slow to change. R+ replaces the traditional methods of using pressure/release to cause discomfort with a reward-based approach that motivates the horse to want to do what you want. 

During the four weeks, our Whole Horse-Whole Human program is being offered as a blended learning experience of online modules, as well as experiential learning with our herd of 16 equines for a comprehensive program that prepares the resident to graduate with the tools necessary to become a higher-consciousness R+ horse handler. 

Starr Horse Retreats is a holistic and bitless R+ equestrian facility. This first-of-its-kind program covers: 

  • Natural horse care. 
  • LIMA principled (Least Intrusive and Minimally Aversive) horse care and handling. 
  • Positive reinforcement-focused training and lesson instruction.
  • Mental, emotional, and practical skills needed to productively work with horses, work with people and launch and maintain a business. 

We provide free lodging in three beautiful guest houses that sit on the property with both shared and single rooms. Reserved on a first come first serve basis. 

Hands-On (R+) Certified Training | Lodging Included On-Site | 12 Spots Available

Tahoe Shamanic Horse

Healing Retreat

Our 3-night Shamanic Horse Healing Retreat is for participants who want to experience profound healing through yoga, sound, movement, sweat lodge, and cacao ceremonies, and horse medicine. Participants will receive meals, lodging, and tremendously powerful healing modalities.

We invite participants to tap into the innate healing abilities of the horses and honor them as shamans in their role of awakening consciousness. At this retreat, participants will rewrite their narrative and release blockages to make space for new energy. Participants are guided to set intentions for insights, solutions, and clarity while expanding confidence and competence through movement and bareback partnership. The horses illustrate parallel issues of trust, forgiveness, and threshold limits, and illuminate emotional intelligence skills for mindful decision-making and past grief healing.

Lodging Included On-Site | 12 Spots Available

Watch testimonial videos from past retreats:

Horses have been by our side throughout history assisting humanity through labor, transportation, war, and sport. And now horse spirit medicine is assisting humans in healing, and awakening to higher consciousness during this transit of the ages. 

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