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a white background has 5 multicolor, collage-based people who resemble Black and brown people with distinct features; the tallest person is in the center of the image. small text at the bottom of the image credits the artist, Favianna Rodriguez.

Advisory to Submit Immigration Requests

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will increase the cost of legal forms to request status adjustments and employment, family-based immigration, and naturalization benefits. For example, according to the organization Boundless Immigration, employment authorization and advance parole (two forms that were previously free) will now cost $260 and $630. 

Although the claimed intention of these cost increases is offsetting operational costs, the impact will undoubtedly harm millions of people:

Individuals who have immigrated already face disproportionately higher rates of human trafficking, sexual assault, and domestic abuse. Especially when combined with financial issues or economic oppression, immigration has many intersections with gender-based violence.

Immigrant advocates are advising people to submit requests as soon as possible to avoid increased costs. It is also encouraged to strategize about ways to prevent, and respond to, the harm and violence that may emerge in our communities in relation to these cost adjustments.

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Early Insights Report: U.S. Trans Survey

A record number of transgender people took the U.S. Trans survey, and the lessons from this report are clear: living as our authentic selves make us more satisfied with our lives, more supported, and more safe.

As advocates and activists who organize against gender-violence, this information is crucial to understand and incorporate into our work.

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Be a Revolution: An Activist's How-To Book

Ijeoma Oluo is a bestselling author who interviewed over 30 movement workers for her latest book. One of the themes that emerged from this book was the importance of owning your story while creating social change for equity. It is an inviting, and even comforting, manual for coming together.

Learn, and unlearn, with this vivid and practical guide via IIA's bookshop.

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a maroon graphic design with a multicolor, collage-based person created by Favianna Rodriguez. a thin yellow border decorates the outline, and white bulky text reads "training & events".
a maroon graphic design with two multicolor, collage-based people created by Favianna Rodriguez. a thin yellow border decorates the outline, and white bulky text reads "store materials".
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